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I’ve Learned; Shadows

You came to me

at my most vulnerable time

shadows lurking in my room

not quite awake

and not quite asleep

trying to take my innocence away

I still remember that day.

You were standing in the doorway

while another was lurking in the corner

like a hunchback

if I ever saw one.

The shadows were everywhere

because I was weak and hurt

that just shows you are afraid

afraid of my presence

and what I can do naturally.

Some search for it

while others are naturals

it’s easy to get rid of you

and all the creeping around you did

as I was pulled from your arms

I let you know

you can’t take away my innocence

or my ability to grow.

You had something in your hands

you were trying to intimidate me with

but as I awoke

you disappeared

you have no power here.

I know you’re type

the ones who see me as vulnerable

to only take advantage at my weakest

but I am weak no more

I survived the shadows

of those who wish to do harm

or showed me I am not the darkness

but I am the light

a natural light

who defeated you

in my room on that night.


(copyright Kerrious 2015 with all rights reserved).

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