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Shadow Dancer

And after I noticed the shadow on my face

It covered half of me

and made its presence known

never something outside of me

but more like something

soaked into my skin

like I was a sponge

who collected everything

The other half shimmered in the light

and reflected back to me

through walls

and through lovers

Did not matter which way i moved

the dark and light would go with me

Forever remaining like face paint

on a sculpture of poetry

of human flesh

Looking to the left

the shadow was out of sight

but when I looked to the right

I thought the light had blinded me

but I did not lose my vision

as I peered into the light

I swore I saw my shadow

staring right back at me

from behind the light

Each came to me

on their own terms

and specific timing

My eyes could not comprehend

if they were both real

or how I could see

them both

at the same time

So I took both of them in

and they resided in me

and intertwined

into a beautiful existence

that only my spirit understood

They coexisted

simultaneously in a way

that only my spirit

knew how to use them

Although the shadow was illusive

I knew that it was there

Although the light was intrusive

I never denied its power

It wouldn’t exist

if I had never come face to face

with my shadow

It is plastered on my face

but there is light in my eyes

I am a shadow

that dances on the wall

I am a light

that reflects the way

for us all

(Copyright 2014 Kerrious with All Rights Reserved)

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