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I’ve Learned; Self Help

For far too long, I was depressed.

Depressed because I couldn’t be myself.

A lifetime of being used and abused led me to fear being happy and the great person that I am.

Why let them win? I’m freaking awesome.

I’ve been around long enough to see that what goes around does come back around!

I’m sorry for anyone who knew me when i couldn’t even look you in the eye.

Sometimes being who you are has it’s downfalls such as jealousy and manipulation,

(and at times this leaves us uncomfortable in our own skin)

but in the end we usually can only count our true friends on one hand anyway,

so why waste your time trying to please everyone else.

Not everyone is going to like you!

(Copyright Kerrious 2014 with all rights reserved).

Dark Nights of the Soul

The night was dark

and so was I

morning wasn’t any better

A reflection

from inside of me

everywhere I looked

nothing changed

I could not get out of it

although it happened suddenly

without much warning

I recognized it again

a familiar friend

eliminated as a foe

I recognized once more

it’s always a bit disappointing

quite easy to blame myself

although it doesn’t stay as long

I’m always forgetting

to just remember

remember what it was

that got me through

remember what I did

that got me here

I began to remember

to let go

it’s out of my control

the solution is not inside my head

but nothing concrete at all

it comes with time

and surrender

it always hurts

and shatters my world

into tiny little parts

but once those fall away

they are replaced

with much more

so much more

I just need to remember

it isn’t a punishment

but what I have asked for

If only I can remember

(Copyright 2014 Kerrious with All Rights Reserved)

I’ve Learned What Freedom Means to Me

The truth is painful

That is why we lie

The truth is painful when it comes out

Let’s not fear pain

Then the truth just comes

But this time it’ll come out with such an ease

And all shame is gone

You won’t even be aware of the fear anymore

Instead you overcome it

That is freedom

To me


(Copyright 2014 Kerrious with All Rights Reserved)

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