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I’ve Learned; Feel Something

I paid my dues

that’s why you opened up to me

I began to hear you

sensed you around

you spoke to me

in a familiar voice

I did nothing but listen

to what you were teaching me.

You said I paid my dues

that I was cheap

for giving away my secrets

secrets I uncovered on my path towards love

through love I learned

unconditional love

and paid my karmic dues.

You insisted I share

what I have found

so that’s what I did

and I expect nothing in return

because I know

I am owed nothing

nothing of this world

I won’t ask for anything

until I get to your world.

There my words will be understood

that’s where I belong

in another world

all that I ask for here

is that you feel something


from my words.


(copyright Kerrious2015 with all rights reserved).

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