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I’ve Learned; God’s Will

It’s like you moved me

away from God’s plan

uprooted my whole destiny

God’s will.

Except he took notice

and became enraged

with the entire world

I always felt like

my life was wrong for me

like I was meant to be somewhere else

anywhere else

with anyone else.

When I realized the darkness

was trying to sway me

into that direction

and took it upon themselves

to change God’s will

they never though

they would get caught.

But I’m here now

and they can’t change that

I still found my way

towards the divine

I still have in me

what he gave me in the beginning.

Just because I scare you

because your intentions are bad

just because I exist

to become so much more

more than you bargained for

more than you gave me.

I want to reclaim my place

I want to punish you

for what you’ve done to me

years of suffering

wondering why

why I never felt right

like I was living a lie

in someone else’s dream

I want to smash your dreams

there is no hope for you

the dark times are ending

and taking you with them.

I sure I surprised you

pulling through in the end

staying true to my soul

while you play games with others

but I still feel sorry for you

there must be something I can do

I turned my back on you

I saw the tricks you tried to play

taking me away

away from my purpose

to fulfill

God’s will.

You’ll just have to deal

with yourselves

and the mess you made

because now he knows

you’ve betrayed us all.

He’s taking back what’s his

his plan was delayed

because of these games you play

why deny the inevitable

why lie to yourselves?

Get out of my realm

you just make it worse

No what thou wilt

is what you do these days

except you forgot and

He’s back to say

you can’t win this way

you can’t change his will

or hurt us

ever again.


(Copyright Kerrious 2016 with all rights reserved).

I’ve Learned; Lights

When I looked at the moon

I felt you looking at it too

as if we both

were doing the same thing

at the same time,

thinking about each other,

Missing each other

because we loved each other.

Almost threw it away

until the day

I couldn’t live without you.

I had never been so happy

not in my entire life

and it was taken from me

in an instant

while I was in control of nothing

not a bit of it.

I felt my heart break

I felt the love disappear

to only resurface

when you decided to see clear.

We woke up laughing everyday

and throughout my life

I never had that before

So please don’t label me

with your past

I started brand new

why couldn’t you?

So I’ll just look at the moon

knowing you are too

maybe at the same time

you were never mine

as we both belonged to everyone

until we woke up

and realized

all that didn’t matter

not anymore.

Shining lights

floating through the air

only I could see them

what were they telling me?

I still don’t know

except I never loved anyone

the way I loved you

it’s like I always knew

this day would come.

I am like the lights

that float in the air

I am like the moon

who hangs there

I admire you

and all that you know

can’t you see

how much I loved you?

would do anything for you?

I think it was something

that needed to happen

we were lost in our love

we needed to break free

and share our love

with others.

And maybe those lights

jolted us awake

to only say

there is no other way

to reach true love

If we wanted what we created

we would have to be ripped apart

to heal in ourselves

what was keeping us apart.

To only find each other again

and realize what we have

and our purpose

is to give it away

as easily as we received it

is as easily as we can share it.

Although I worked hard

to find love

It all came so easy.

Like the lights

which dissipated in time

we too will disappear

but our love you can hear….


for infinity

for all of time

only true love remains

after the lights are gone.

(Copyright Kerrious 2015 with all rights reserved).

I’ve Learned Good vs. Evil

When I look into a person’s eyes, I see them staring straight through me and return I bare the depths of their soul. The exchange reflects experiences shared and experiences untold. I have ceased making contact at times, due to the overwhelming impact these encounters have laid unto me. I cannot fathom the possibility of a more profound exchange between two living beings. Some take it for granted. Some as a sign of strength. others as a sign of weakness when you don’t look them in the eyes. But there is something more that only your soul can comprehend.

I’ve seen loss in such great detail that my heart explodes into a song of empathy. I’ve seen heart break through the eyes of us all. I’ve began to wonder if the whole world revolves around broken hearts? It must be why there are wars and chaos in the midst of such a beautiful world. Heart break can emerge from more than just an intense lover. It may exist in an idea as small as a betrayal from Santa Clause. I’ve seen eyes that hang on and grasp every last detail of a self-made tragedy in the attempt for revenge. I’ve seen eyes turn soulless in a short time. Heart break is not for the weak who grasp at its insignificant details but cannot grip the harsh realities.

Those who hold on and let it consume them will never have the chance for true redemption. Instead they exhibit pseudo emotions that resemble death which cling to life even after they are gone. It saddens me to have witnessed such things. But through it all I remain still and always hoping to someday live in a world that is aware of such truths. I hope to succeed in bringing that awareness to this breathing living notion. It is possible.

I have seen true dissonance that only emptiness can allure. All my life has been a reel of such images. They echo in the midst of my wondering mind. I will never be able to see the world the same after one has seen the hollow depths of these encounters. One must not make the mistake in thinking we are all the same. What happens when we become so naive and think we are all the same? We begin to believe that all of us are capable of the goodness when in a crueler sense there are some that just are not. What makes us all the same is the susceptibility to such acts that can lead us astray. and sometimes good people fall for lies, deceit, and manipulation that lead us astray. But perhaps, some of us are good and some of us are evil? Is it by a force greater than us or a product of conditioning? A sense of identity? Evil is fueled by pure choice to be so which is a more disturbing thought. All of these are possibilities, but it is a concept as old as time. Good vs. Evil.

Some let the heart break consume them to their very cores, their souls. Some take the heart break and make is something grand, as if naturally permitting the laws of metamorphosis, like me. And those who do live to tell about it, in a way that awakens each and every one of us to the possibility that we all have the vulnerability to be hurt so badly that even our own minds can be swayed into the direction of evil without our appropriate consent. To only see their hurt as the only reason to live. That mentality can eat away at their souls until nothing left. So it isn’t so much a question as to whether we all have souls, but rather what we do with our souls.  Those who warrant revenge in a manner that hurts everyone especially themselves and the innocent in the process. It only hurts themselves.

We never imagine the possibility that through their actions they are dwelling in the avenues to a point of no return. It is what you do with it that truly encompasses your purpose. Those who take it to the evil side should actually be weary of those who don’t. We who overcome with no intentions to hurt others like they have hurt us are who they should be fearful of. For they remain soulful in a soulless world. They remain diligent yet steady in these days to bring attention to those that remain in the dark because their is hope but not hope for evil. We are there reminding you. We don’t have to do much, in fact, just our presence infuriates the soulless. It reminds them of what they wish they could be. If we can firmly stay intact in our worlds with this possibility, then we have truly won the persistent battle of good vs. evil.


(Copyright 2014 Kerrious with All Rights Reserved)

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