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I’ve Learned; Ocean

The ocean can play tricks on you

lurking shadows

mistaken as jellyfish

who wash up on the shore

for us to look at

to really see them

as they are.

Translucent and fragile

yet swift and magical,

looking like big raindrops,

another trick the ocean beholds.

Dolphins swimming out beyond

the length you can’t go

but they look closer

closer than they seem

all I want

is to swim out to them

or for them to come closer.

But I just admire their journey

and follow them with my eyes

and to my surprise

I see a shark from the pier

and some stingrays too

it’s so beautiful

and insightful….

just as healing as the ocean can be

is just as surprising it can be too.

Just as calming it can be

is just as alarming it can be too.

I know the ocean does not belong to me

it belongs to those animals I see

I remain vigilant in your territory

just as you are with mine.

My vibrations ring out

to let you know

I’m not afraid

instead we become one

together in the vast waters

of the ocean

that you and me call home.


(copyright Kerrious 2015 with all rights reserved).

I’ve Learned Consciousness Has a Story

I see a young women sitting near the ocean, but the ocean has no sand. The bank is covered in grass and she sits there waiting for something. She is unsure of what she is waiting for exactly but knows she must wait. She looks beyond the waters and into the distance. Remembering a life once lived yet lost. She knows there is a vague memory of a love she once knew. Slowly she adjusts her eyes to the endless horizon of sea.

Alas, a light appears and it seems to be approaching. She recognizes it in some far off distant dream. As it gets closer she see the outline of a man. Memories reemerge and take reign as she swims out to meet him. Though her dress weighs her body down, she knows they will meet just in time for relief of this weight. He helps her onto his boat and their instincts embraced. No words were spoken as they gazed into each others eyes, knowing what they had been searching for has been realized.

As soon as bliss occurred so must tragedy. They saw the sky crack with light and heard thunder rambling on. Wind started to threatened his shell of a boat and the waters of the ocean trenched them with fear. Fear of not death but losing one another the instant they met again. Without much warning they were over turned by the roaring waves. She was taken by the force of the tides that she once could only see from a distance. They were separated once again. She to the shore and he to the ocean. She was taken under as her hair resembled a delicate jelly fish floating to the surface. He fought with all his strength to reach her but his boat gave him life.

As she woke on the shore she wondered if it was just a dream. It felt so real yet she couldn’t be sure. She knew they’d meet in another time or another life. She could still feel the ecstasy of his embrace and all her life seemed to become real. All of her life flashed before her and he knew it too. They were ripped apart but set free all at the same time.

(Copyright Kerrious 2014 with all rights reserved).

One of many stories that inhibit our consciousness, and the rest are to be told another time….<3

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