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Near Death, Closer to Life

As I walked up,

up to a familiar figure,

a manly figure and a unique face.

Comfort set in, no longer alone,

he asked to walk further,

along beside me.

I began my self-pity

my loathing inside,

He insisted I was insane,

That I’ve been on the right path.

Nothing came from my mouth,

stunned to hear these facts.

Everyone has something,

you must find yours, he said.

Perplexed was my gaze,

my mind put at ease.

As we entered our destination,

I noticed to my right,

friends gathered, grieving together.

Why aren’t I there too?

Strange, I thought.

We approached a man

wearing all black,

I felt the feeling of loss.

Too concerned with the grieving,

I began to walk away from the man,

Away from the plot.

I took a glance back and saw his distraught.

Unsettled and slightly withdrawn,

I approached the table of friends,

saw me, they did not.

I felt invisible,

and they were consoling one another.

I tried to speak, but realized

I was not there.

In spirit yes, but in body-no

A bright light engulfed my vision,

I tried harder to stare,

my focus slowly became clearer.

As my senses awoke,

All six of them with a jolting shock,

Immense curiosity inflicted anticipation,

Then I could see what was in the light,

An almost holy face appeared,

facing away from me.

It turned, as if in slow motion,

It couldn’t be real.

It began to open its mouth,

as if to speak,

but only fear and surprise it could see.

And it made him smile.


It began some time ago,

Vividness so surreal,

Life force I could feel,

Engulfed my soul with peace and love.

Until now those words I could only draw,

And there was nothing to trouble my spirit.

I walked beside you,

Though I knew not of you.

You answered my subconscious diversity,

But not one word was spoken,

Only a realization and understanding assumed.

I walked with you still,

To a neighboring void,

A look to my right that left me completely spaced from your existence,

And with this space created a disconnection,

To the source of this new found confirmation.

And as I turned to look,

You starred back with utter confusion.

And with that one look I knew,

Something greater had taken me from the him,

The source of light you had given me.

And perhaps it was mine, even for that lost moment in space.

All my thoughts were defined with precise parallelism,

The shadows dissipated with only a touch,

But it was mine, it was mine for just that moment.

Copyright Kerrious 2014 with all rights reserved.

(written in 2008)

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