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I’ve Learned; Lights

When I looked at the moon

I felt you looking at it too

as if we both

were doing the same thing

at the same time,

thinking about each other,

Missing each other

because we loved each other.

Almost threw it away

until the day

I couldn’t live without you.

I had never been so happy

not in my entire life

and it was taken from me

in an instant

while I was in control of nothing

not a bit of it.

I felt my heart break

I felt the love disappear

to only resurface

when you decided to see clear.

We woke up laughing everyday

and throughout my life

I never had that before

So please don’t label me

with your past

I started brand new

why couldn’t you?

So I’ll just look at the moon

knowing you are too

maybe at the same time

you were never mine

as we both belonged to everyone

until we woke up

and realized

all that didn’t matter

not anymore.

Shining lights

floating through the air

only I could see them

what were they telling me?

I still don’t know

except I never loved anyone

the way I loved you

it’s like I always knew

this day would come.

I am like the lights

that float in the air

I am like the moon

who hangs there

I admire you

and all that you know

can’t you see

how much I loved you?

would do anything for you?

I think it was something

that needed to happen

we were lost in our love

we needed to break free

and share our love

with others.

And maybe those lights

jolted us awake

to only say

there is no other way

to reach true love

If we wanted what we created

we would have to be ripped apart

to heal in ourselves

what was keeping us apart.

To only find each other again

and realize what we have

and our purpose

is to give it away

as easily as we received it

is as easily as we can share it.

Although I worked hard

to find love

It all came so easy.

Like the lights

which dissipated in time

we too will disappear

but our love you can hear….


for infinity

for all of time

only true love remains

after the lights are gone.

(Copyright Kerrious 2015 with all rights reserved).

What I’ve Learned From the Moon

It’s like taking notice of the full moon but then not taking notice again until the quarter moon. Realizing a week had passed and had to be reminded by the cycles of the moon. Realizing I’m not the same as I was just a week ago, barely remembering anything of significance. But that is what I find significant, the weeks that go by without tracking the days. The fact that I lost track of time and space. Allowing the process to just happen without much fuss in between. It was just the right amount of time to forget how small it all is yet we try to feel big. I find significance in lost time and the change it brings. Like the moon, I too, repeat cycles that I don’t notice until much has been done. And a week can pass without my consent, without my knowledge of the subtle changes. I go from being whole then torn in half in just a week. In just a week I can lose half of myself to the darkness. And then it takes another week for it to consume me entirely, which is where I become something else entirely while nothing else can see me, and it’s okay to disappear for while. Maybe that is why they call it the new moon. Then to only resurface a little at a time until I am whole again. And in a matter of a couple more weeks, I will be restored fully and can light up the night sky. And I know this, but each time, it feels new. Like looking at the full moon then noticing the quarter moon, that felt new. Although I knew it wasn’t, each cycle just feels new. Like I am never the same person after each cycle. Maybe that is why it feels new. Maybe the moon never comes back from each cycle the same either. No matter how many times it happens, it is never the same twice. I find these things of significance, in the moon and in myself. How they correlate and how I am forever linked to a celestial object in such a subtle way. The moon never misses a cycle or runs from one, instead it hangs in there and always prevails to become full again. That is what I’ve learned from the moon. To not rebel against my nature but to let it happen, because I know I too, will once again become full and there’s always that chance to become new, if only I can make it through all the other nights where I know I am not. And I do not take anything away from anything else to compensate the parts of me that are hiding in the dark, instead I become one with the process and emerge again in a way that only the moon can understand. Maybe because I watch the moon like most humans watch television. Entranced, absorbed, as if I am right there with it, being it, and doing what it is doing. Maybe it took notice and started watching back. Maybe I became it. Whatever it is, I know that I am it too.


Copyright Kerrious 2014 with all rights reserved

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