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I’ve Learned; Angel

It’s like we all have a master

to claim our soul

when we’re feeling down

they hold us up

on the verge of a breakdown

they reveal themselves

if you take away your ability to think

you take away their communication

and maybe we all have masters

to show us our way

to help us along

you were wearing a red dress

and your wings were big and white

you let me see you

in a picture I did not take.

Maybe they look after us

through dreams and stories

after all I’ve been through

you showed me what’s true.

You came into the pit of my stomach

to make me feel all the pain

not just mine but other’s as well

there’s so much pain here

and it’s not mine to carry

it makes me too weary

so I go to you

my master…

my angel.

There I can fly

and move objects with my mind

tackling those who wield a false sword

staying true to the word

there I will learn

because it’s my turn.


(Copyright Kerrious 2015 with all rights reserved).

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