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I’ve Learned; Masks

“Hiding Seems Easy” written in 2008 –  Just be yourself and everything will work out anyway. Don’t waste your time with a mask; it will only wear you down in the end.

That mask you are wearing
How do you do it?
Day by day as if it’s normal
Walking around with a destination
Never a hesitation
With a rehearsal it never fails
Always the right words
That’ll satisfy the ears
Can’t mess this up
My image is all I have
Love can’t even nudge this
It’s tough as an iron mask
Even though your hand is holding a flask
The mask you are wearing?
Does it ever weigh down your heart?
That mask you are wearing?
Does it really suit your part?
One can see it take form
If they took the time to notice
But this is all you have
You wouldn’t settle for more
And so I will leave it still.
Though I tried to help
That mask you are wearing?
Won’t break until you crumble or fall.

(Copyright Kerrious 2014 with all rights reserved).

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