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I’ve Learned; Living With the Enemy

Not easily persuaded,

thought I’d give it a try.

When my world grew old

the new emerged,

not because I hadn’t looked before

but because I took notice more.

It was what I had asked for, can no longer ignore.

As my tolerance grew thin

it became a catalyst, and I won’t take anymore.

Sure, you seemed harmless

yet I knew right away

because I could hear every word

and feel everything,

although you didn’t know,

because it was always about you.

All who want a good listener or audience

yet fail to hear or see anyone else.

In the presence of others,

I could see some falling for it too.

It seemed like escaping from a spider web

but not wanting to kill the spider.

It’s like seeing the spider alluring its prey

but knowing it shouldn’t be stopped.

It’s like the spider who moves in great haste 

because you disturbed its web, its illusion.

Although it may bite, I won’t absorb its poison.  

Rejecting all that does harm to me.

Some choose to weave a web

with delicate precision;

as intricate as the lies they tell

for others to run into,

but not all are trapped

and not all can see the web they run into,

only the means to escape

as no plea for help will suffice.

Sometimes we fight our way out just in time

sometimes we get caught,

and sometimes we defeat the spider 

despite the fact it mistook us for prey.

We hold no resentment towards it,

no plans for revenge.

Instead, we choose to heal ourselves

while letting the spider go.

I know because I have tried

and always find out,

the inevitable can’t be prevented

and minds can’t be swayed,

one must already be aware of the truth

and believe in themselves enough

to see through the disguise.

Playing to the tune of my empathy

becomes the first mistake.

Then mistaking it for weakness

becomes the last misconception,

With understanding comes the realization

there is no real power through manipulation.

I thought you had the gift,

but only used it to cause harm

to all others for your hopeless gain,

but you weren’t aware

it was only harm to yourself….

Therein lies the irony,

for the selfish can’t even see it,

or the ones they are hurting.

Guess I had to live with the enemy
in order to understand it more.

To put into words…

And there I found the resolution to it all;

All those who have sought me out

for some selfish yet severely delusional

thought of taking advantage.

I’m prepared for the rumors, stories, and misunderstandings.

There’s always been someone like you,

I have let into my life, but not anymore.

Although I prevail you will stay the same,

and those thoughts you hold about me

will also stay the same because it’s too much

to come to terms with yourselves.

Go ahead and project onto me

blame me for your problems,

try to hurt me because you are hurting.

Although your delusions tell you it’s working,

doesn’t mean I believe you,

and I can’t say I didn’t try to help even after I warned you.

(Copyright Kerrious 2014 with all rights reserved).


I’ve Learned Consciousness Has a Story

I see a young women sitting near the ocean, but the ocean has no sand. The bank is covered in grass and she sits there waiting for something. She is unsure of what she is waiting for exactly but knows she must wait. She looks beyond the waters and into the distance. Remembering a life once lived yet lost. She knows there is a vague memory of a love she once knew. Slowly she adjusts her eyes to the endless horizon of sea.

Alas, a light appears and it seems to be approaching. She recognizes it in some far off distant dream. As it gets closer she see the outline of a man. Memories reemerge and take reign as she swims out to meet him. Though her dress weighs her body down, she knows they will meet just in time for relief of this weight. He helps her onto his boat and their instincts embraced. No words were spoken as they gazed into each others eyes, knowing what they had been searching for has been realized.

As soon as bliss occurred so must tragedy. They saw the sky crack with light and heard thunder rambling on. Wind started to threatened his shell of a boat and the waters of the ocean trenched them with fear. Fear of not death but losing one another the instant they met again. Without much warning they were over turned by the roaring waves. She was taken by the force of the tides that she once could only see from a distance. They were separated once again. She to the shore and he to the ocean. She was taken under as her hair resembled a delicate jelly fish floating to the surface. He fought with all his strength to reach her but his boat gave him life.

As she woke on the shore she wondered if it was just a dream. It felt so real yet she couldn’t be sure. She knew they’d meet in another time or another life. She could still feel the ecstasy of his embrace and all her life seemed to become real. All of her life flashed before her and he knew it too. They were ripped apart but set free all at the same time.

(Copyright Kerrious 2014 with all rights reserved).

One of many stories that inhibit our consciousness, and the rest are to be told another time….<3

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