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I’ve Learned; Heaven

I told you I was going to heaven

and all you could do was say

you wanted to stay

to eat the souls of the living.

The souls of all those

who couldn’t find their way

towards heaven…

Like a fish

you were willing

to swim in the abyss.

As the light consumed my mind

I did not go.

Like a bug who goes to the light

I put up a fight

like the insect who died

by going to the light

I used that reasoning

to not go that night.

I didn’t trust it

all the while

looking at the sun

with my bare eyes

as if it was normal

and I knew that couldn’t be right.

I’m still not sure

what you wanted me for

except maybe I was ready

to move on…

to let go of everything

except some were holding on

to me.

Now I know it’s not about letting go

but it’s about needing others to let you go

in the end.

Even the love from your dog

can save you

The love of your mother

can bring you back

and just like that

I was brought back.

Heaven will have to wait

I was so close to the gate

but for now

I’ll bring back what I found

because for others

it can be profound.


(copyright Kerrious 2015 with all rights reserved).

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