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I’ve Learned; Yoga

here’s a real yoga routine. I’m not mad at it anymore. It’s been a long while since I practiced so I’m a little shaky (ok really shaky compared to how I used to be when it comes to balance) so just ignore that haha but it just shows my tenacious attitude towards it. I remember why I loved it so much and should pursue teaching, I just need to get back in shape like I used to be doing yoga every day. I want to infuse dance with it as well.I should have been certified in June but things got carried away with me taking care of my dad and such…

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It’s like focusing on a speck of water
from a waterfall.
Starting from the top
and not betraying it
until it becomes one
with the rest of the water.

And that one speck

needs all those other specks

to make the whole.

They all one by one
converge into the collection
of them all.
Now they are part of
something else after the fall.
They all must fall from the cliff
in order to understand
at the bottom they all meet again.
To only wait for the next cliff
and the next fall.
I fall with the speck every time.
My stomach takes notice
and allows it to flow through me
because I took notice.
Then you are reminded
of beauty and that you too
are that speck,
experiencing the fall
if only you can feel it.

That feeling that you gave me

because I took notice.

All the while knowing

one day

we wouldn’t have to fall



Copyright Kerrious2014 with all rights reserved.

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