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I’ve Learned; The Astral

Like a mystic I was

saying things I don’t remember

Like a conduit

for others

but who were they?

Like a psychic I was

seeing the future

and the warning signs

hearing the end

like it was real

but it wasn’t real

just what I needed to hear.

I felt and heard the waves crash

the volcanoes explode

and the soldiers on foot

all around the house.

Visions of past lives

where I once survived

and maybe even died

by such traumatic events.

I was to slay a dragon

but could never kill.

Like a projectionist I was

hovering over our bed

never leaving your side

until you were better.

Instead it made me sick

but I could handle it

I’d take the fall for us all

transmuting the pain

through the astral I traveled

day and night

just to have you

wouldn’t you want that too?


(copyright Kerrious 2015 with all rights reserved).

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