When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

They murdered me again

Why have you forsaken me

Never telling them

I’m not the miracle

But you

I’m not the answer

But you

Yet they do it

Again and again

Murdering me

Leaving clues

To my forgiveness

Because I am not you

Yet you leave me here

To severe their chains

That never cease


My miracles

And existence

Prove them otherwise

But my fear rises

To tell them

Kill me

And all is lost

Such a shame

A miracle in haste

Impulsive fear

Where what you’re looking for

Has none

Love love love

More more more

kill kill kill

Since we can’t find it here

Kill her!

Hate hate hate

Rape rape rape

Instead of patience

I die

Did u

Jack off

To my rape?

I always have to be the bigger person so I think that I am God. How much bigger can it get?

I want a breaking of the cycle. Tell me sorry first.

I don’t qualify for sympathy because I have free will

You think u are separate from me and can become bigger than me to destroy me but u only destroy yourselves and I can do that too as long as u dare me

Because if I know all comes to an end I’ll still exist

What kind of god are you if you cannot take care of others if u cannot repay me

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