When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

Now I see why I am alone

Because if I had followers

I’d be just like them

Giving out false promises

False ways

That what is for me

Is not for them

That now I see why I am nothing

In this world

Because no one had the courage

Except me

To go alone

To be alone

And talk to God alone

Without third parties

Without anyone speaking for me

To be alone

Is the greatest works

Cause it shows

Our relationship

Built in stone

That I don’t look to another

To find God

But I found him

For all of us

Not just a select few

But they hate me because of history

Because they lied

But not me

But to rage war against me

Is to rage war against God

That is love

To let me know

But they want more

But love is nothing more

There is no more

U throw it away

That’s the end

My darkness

Reminds them of their light

My existence


Them of heaven

I remind the. As nothing

There is so much more

But I am no that for them

They haven’t learned anything

If they still kill me

For more

So to become little

Is to heal their envy

to become humble

To heal their pride

To become poor

Is the heal their greed

To become energetic

Is to heal their sloth

To become me

Is to heal all of them

So this has to be end

The end of them envying me

Because in the future

I am so much

More than the past

They envied

I have to ask when does it end

And it ends now

Their envy

Will be punished

But can their blindness


If they hate me now

They hate me later

They hate me as nothing

So they will hate me

As everything

And that’s the facts

I saw it

God I love you

Although nothing much had ever been said

That’s why I know it’s not words

But they use words to hurt me

And I know it’s not you

Saying it

But the envy they feel

As Kerry

I am

So just imagine their envy when

I am so much more

Or even less

They still envy mi could have nothing

And they’d still try to take that

They are destroyers of love

Doesn’t matter what I have

They will take

Because it’s me

They hate me

And you.

What they do to me

Is what they do to u

And vice verse

Thanks God for pulling

Me out of the trenches

But isn’t that where I belong

Making them better?

Oh God

Why ? Why me?

I understand

But I don’t see nothing

Unless your will is done

And it takes two

So where am I alone

In your will?

Now that they destroyed it

Sabotaged it

And he’s listening to them

Not me

Is this my lesson?

No one loves me

But you?

That love is far out of reach

Because what I want

Is everyone to have it

And the first will be the last

And the last the first?

I may have been the first

But I’ll be the last

To get it

I just want my soulmate

But I see what happens

When you get in my way

Because my way

Is Gods will

That what the world knows

Is not nothing but the truth

That me and my soulmate

Could transcend

All of that

And by me being happy

Everyone could.

I was relieved to see Satan

Gave him a hug

As if I knew if


But Jesus

Is what he follows

To shatter the plans

Of someone who picks and chooses

But now they are one and the same

Cancels out the war

Excuse me for getting rid of that which kills us

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