When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

That I say back and watch the devil be happy with my death over and over and over again. How we cannot kill each other and God is working here. How I know more than the devil and how cover his ass is his game and I get shit from people whom I saved yet he finds me a threat to his game but God is awake because I woke him and healed him and even God took a leap of faith and how I said I would make Satan’s name right like they desecrated my name Eve and how it’s funny now but during the time if I was God how I’d kill you and how me and the devil are the only relationship like that killing each other because we think we’re right. Yet I rise and somehow u live so we can laugh now.


Dear Mom,

You have no idea the anchor

And stability

You have given me

And the fact I thought

I had to be that for you

But the fact you came through

And shown me

Nothing compares to you

And you came through

In my career

And life

To be there

When all was a strife

That I do listen to u

So much in fact

I blame u

When things go amiss

Or it’s just my rift

Lol my own chord

Of what I bring

To the table

And this holiday season

I can’t help but

Bow down

To you

I love you.

And oh my mother

How she always looked to me

Without a doubt

Without a question

That her knowing I was good

Was good enough for me

And how the way she treated me

Let me be me

And how she never


Degraded me

Or put me in a category

Of not human

That ever since I was little

Like four years old

She treated me like an adult

And she never had to worry

Or delve into anything else

Than knowing

I was here

And being of her

She had no question

Of what

I would become

And was

And how I look back at that now

And know

She knew I’d never stray

Or betray

How she trusted


As her daughter

And how rare

And extinct that is

To not fight each other

But to know

We will

Pull through

And how

I love u so much

I could cry

And how nothing

Equals the beauty and truth

And that it encompass

That you have allowed me

To experience with you

And my mother

Is so wonderful

The way I’d wake up in the mornings

But her first

And I’d come downstairs

To only use that bathroom

Out of habit

But to see the light

Of that habit

To watch her

Put on her makeup

Although she wasn’t akin

To the staring

I did

Or the fact

I was watching

Her artistry

Every morning

Go off to work

No matter what

And how

I love her so much


That is the truth

She taught me

Without the classroom

But in real life

Dear God

My mom is so beautiful

When she walks

When she talks

When she smiles

Is the worse


She smiles

With so much more

Than this world has to offer

How she always was so perfect

More so than this world

How without her

Knowing I knew

Her beauty

She would still be her

Put in her Wilson Phillips tape

And play hold on

Before tragedy hit

A prophet in her own right

How she said she’d never do something

That she did

And how I am like that too

How I would have to be something

I said I wouldn’t do

To love you

As above so below. Yet when the above re arranges due to the lack of as below not unfolding then where do you stand? Isn’t that funny that if one life doesn’t unfold as small as it may seem the whole does not? That even I as small as I am have the whole universe held hostage? Until my potential is filled and that’s where we’re at folks. That the above represents us not the other way around. What’s inside me led the Big Dipper to turn upside and pour my waters unto u ?

With my mind I could create colorful stars and with my eyes I could create the light around the earth and the platform the moon and my heart ignites a thousand battles told before and my invisible cloak saw what you’d rather not have me see and how I know even tho u don’t want me to yet u being helpless stems in the form of innocence only because it’s a mask of what you’ve stolen never to become all that u imagined. That what u are in your head and when you’re alone can never come into fruition to reality yet u still stay near feeding off my fear and light. With my eyes I gave light to the earth and by body although slain rose to prove to u sacrifice is obsolete and what do u gain? Nothing! U still are u and I am still me! U cannot take my place. Because we all know now that if u could it’d be a lot worse!

The the pupils wanted to fight their master and in return the master arose to show the pupils u cannot kill and expect it to be over. U cannot kill one and expect all the pain and misery to go away that killing one does not take away the suffering. That is never the solution. Murder is never an escape and death either. Although I know I could exist or not I do not escape I’d still come back to see it through. And that peace is new and takes accustom to.

So by the fire of my heart I fought off enemies to the point of those enemies resorting to me as their only friend, their only source of being right and their only source of doing better next time but the fact they are relentless at self sabotaging where I can not help them shows they should have never raged war against me to begin with as if it was a war they’d ever knew I knew about but u can’t rage war against me without me knowing and u can’t hate me without me coming to u in love and if u continue to I will give u something better than war which is peace which peace I was in the beginning but to make u better I had to fight u and all your demons that demons aren’t even bad but reminders of what we lack.

What I’ve been through in the past four years can’t be written down in history without expelling the past 7,000 years. But I know through the persecution and stones thrown at me they are stuck there but we are not. That people refuse new conversation and think that those that seek conversation seek attention but what we seek is what no one can give us which is conversation through our experiences so they use whatever tools they have to delete us from their experience because they lack the ability to do it in their own to look past what doesn’t suit them they instead project a textbook of conclusions because they fail to understand another and that nothing can be created from nothing that something had to have created it yet lack of understanding another leads to discrimination and remarks that are irrelevant in the bigger picture that something bigger than themselves makes them belittle instead of interact.

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