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There is nothing to listen to

Except yourselves

Get in front of the satan

The enemy will transform

And never hurt me again

My dad was adopted so I never knew but I found out I’m a Jew, like gods people Jew.

My heart breaks when my daughter cries and there seems to be nothing i can do about it. 😦

i must look different to you

You must see me different

Than when i look in the mirror

now and forever

I will care


My faith is so strong

I’d roll over and die

Than fight

Like Lazarus

i am


You put me here

In this place

To be refined

To grow up

Since i didn’t grow up in the church

You are helping me

Make up for it now

I left after confirmation

When i became an adult in the church

So i missed out

And you are giving me the chance

To make up for lost time

Nothing is lost

i see

Everything is sacred

God’s love is only a mystery

Because i don’t know what it is

I love you GOD !

thank you so much!

I went to church and heard satan snarl in church. Def demonic. Def has a hatred for the church. It’s not satan’s will, satan, it’s GOD’S WILL. Why doesn’t he get it. Everyone doesn’t like you because you are ignorant and know us not at all! You have no idea what it’s like to be human and be love. You falsely accuse us in front of GOD who has already told me everything i need to know to fight against you. GOD prepared me for this but why would you believe me when you’re so hell bent on falsely accusing me of sin?

Fuck off.

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