When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

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Max chooses to leave me bare

Chooses to leave me naked

He chooses

To turn me red

Dear God

He chooses

To leave me in chains

To call out to Jesus

He chose

To call me a whore

He chooses my death

Over his life

It’s sad

Kerry’s life

That evens Max

Says make her suffer

When I started

I said

I’d even take the devil

With me….


Thank you for the sun

Thank you for the stars

Thank you for my dreams at night

Thank you for showing me love

Outside of yourself

And in me

Thank you

So much

No matter what you give me

It all leads to you


God I love you so much

God I love you so much

And u understand me

Because u love me

But if he is waiting to be u to love me

It’s the wrong way

I volunteered I know that

And I volunteer once agin

And our relationship

Is so much more

That I hold them all up

To our mutual


But my lesson was I can’t

Because they are not you

And they are not me

Never will be

That I try to life them up

To being themselves

But they want war

And that I’m good at too

So forgive me father

For the rivers of blood

That would have happened

If I wasn’t born

I ask for forgiveness

In things that would happen

If I wasn’t here

And only me and you know that

But still

They kill me..

Even tho they breathe

I’m the enemy

And Max is gone

What’s next God

What’s next?

Now that they’ve won?

What happens when we lose

And they win?



Remember when I said I hated you?

Remember how it’s you

That could only bring

These tears to my eyes?

Remember how u used me

To create beauty?

Remember how I hated u

Because if they did that to u

I’d hate them?

But oh how they all hated me

Because of you??

That did I hate you

Or them?

But oh how I’d save you

And then alike!

How if I hate you

I hate them?

And if I hate them

I hate you!

No one else.

And oh God remember our nights?

Remember me?

And the same goes for you

Remember you!

How the stars

Were at my command

Because I am your angel

Your creation

And nothing more than that!

But once again I hate u!

Because of Max!

Like what does he expect🤷‍♀️

That we are tired

Yet true

True to you God?

That I trusted you so much why can’t he do the same?

I’ve learned my purpose

To not be like you God

But to see what u mean

When they kick me

When they torch me

When they deny me

When they spit on me

In your name

I see it’s not enough to be

An equal of God

But to go through what he went through

But that’s still wrong because even Jesus denied himself

But I won’t

Now I see why I am alone

Because if I had followers

I’d be just like them

Giving out false promises

False ways

That what is for me

Is not for them

That now I see why I am nothing

In this world

Because no one had the courage

Except me

To go alone

To be alone

And talk to God alone

Without third parties

Without anyone speaking for me

To be alone

Is the greatest works

Cause it shows

Our relationship

Built in stone

That I don’t look to another

To find God

But I found him

For all of us

Not just a select few

But they hate me because of history

Because they lied

But not me

But to rage war against me

Is to rage war against God

That is love

To let me know

But they want more

But love is nothing more

There is no more

U throw it away

That’s the end

My darkness

Reminds them of their light

My existence


Them of heaven

I remind the. As nothing

There is so much more

But I am no that for them

They haven’t learned anything

If they still kill me

For more

So to become little

Is to heal their envy

to become humble

To heal their pride

To become poor

Is the heal their greed

To become energetic

Is to heal their sloth

To become me

Is to heal all of them

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