When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

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Maybe I am the embodiment of God

But I love you more

I was tearing it down

To build it back up

Creation out of destruction


Out of


What was lost


I like how life goes on like you’ve never made a mistake – a frequency , a sound

There’s no pestilence in judgement


Mental hospitals –

Somebody loves you

Or you wouldn’t be getting the treatment

And they/we are

The best of the best

When coping with

Life’s challenges

And adversity



And any given situation

I really felt I was with

The best of the best

The best brother

The best dad

The best grandpa

The best friend

The last supper

Family supper

Family meals

I really felt family

Even if it meant

Telling it like it is

False accusations included

No difference between in there

And out here

The only thing I have to fear

Is me

I got in touch with what made me me






And when I gave my all to changing that

I was devinely intercepted to never escape

But to be the example

Of that which

Those who think they fail

Are not at all

But making a mark

On mankind

As much as the first step on the moon

Except they’re so busy looking up

They fail to see

The unknown is all around

Just as much I am a mystery to universe

As it is to me

Guided by a breaking heart

Because the police didn’t send someone with tons of drugs on them to prison – he was let out to date rape drug me and rape me numerous times.

Then at my workplace they send in the same types of people to make me lose my job by supplying IDs to minors and letting them buy alcohol and targeting me.


I write about the human condition

And try to put words on the way out

Snakes are wise because they can kill but do not

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