When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

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My whole life

Is being squeezed out of me

All the pain inside

Is dying

When your on the path of love

Everything happens for a reason

I’m the one that chose my past

I’m the one that chose my path

I’m the one

Who wanted to be better

But just found out

I wanted to be myself

And to find it again

And keep it

My life resembles


At worse

And creation

At best

My life has seen


So bad it’d make you kill

Or kill yourself

But I sink into the pain

And let it remind me

Of the good

The life coming

After the pain is gone

Like a diamond

I am made

My life resembles

The hard work

I put into it

I’m not gonna be the venom behind you

Your evil deeds

The earth comes before me

This planet


And everything

Came before me

Before my existence

Before the


Of I

My life sacrificed

For the greater good

For what was given to me


I gave back


Not holding on

Or letting go


Comes before me


It’s hard to feel

A need to please

Helpless respect

Maybe I am the embodiment of God

But I love you more

I was tearing it down

To build it back up

Creation out of destruction


Out of


What was lost


I like how life goes on like you’ve never made a mistake – a frequency , a sound

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