When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

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The biggest miracle is when two people agree

When you gossip instead of wait for the answers

I will be there

Snakes instead of horses


Almost like me

Except why should I

When he’s already doing it

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Glory be to god

All the glory

The whole of religion

Is those

Who believe

In rumors

We were tricked into

Eating meat

Eating our animals

That’s what we get

For trusting the government

That’s just it

We were tricked

And now pay the price

Of having to change

Just more work

Piled in top of us

Just wish

They’d stop

Killing animals

Ascension is the process

In how you handle stress

Your personal

Coping mechanisms

And every time

You rise above

The stressor

You ascend

Higher and higher

There are some battles

Some arguments

And unfair circumstances

It will remind you

Of the lack of justice

You never received

Once you get there

Don’t let anything

Bring you back down

My whole life

Is being squeezed out of me

All the pain inside

Is dying

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