When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

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They stole my spirit

After being reborn

And I’m so alone

Jesus Christ won’t hear me

What is even real

They are evil

And have targeted me for so long

Just wish people would help me

Not lose everything

God is lawless

Schizophrenia proves

There is no god

I am nothing like my mother

Nothing like my father

Beaten by a step dad

Accused by a step mom

You all never got caught

For what you did

To me as a child

And I know

God will get you

Can’t blame me

Unless you get all those

Before me

I see a whole world

Without justice

Not just me

The reason why there is rape and myrder

Is because it happened to God

There’s a space

Not yet filled

With dreams

8 billion people

And not one gelped

I’ve been aressted


Hurt so bad

For crying out

People should be ashamed of themselves

No one knows how hard I work

And what I am going through

The devils on my back

Twisting things around

I fight every second

Of everyday

And not one donation

One free meal


No where to run

No where to go

They just leave me

To die

Every second

Of everyday

Persecute me

If I make one mistake

Like they are perfect

Because they do nothing

I can’t make one mistake

Or I’ll be taken away

By the very same people

I pray for

Way to go


Hope your evil

Gets the best of you

Hope you think

Of every mistake

You ever made

And it kills you

No I do not have rewards for listening to satan

In doing the opposite he says

There you find your reward

Some have missed their rewards

Or lost everything

Being self righteous

Listening to devils

They think are god

Don’t do this

Don’t do that

You miss everything

But it’s not too late

To turn things around

And if you do the opposite

There you find

Your rewards

That are promised

I’ll explain how the world is

One massive fantasy

And how they opprese

Our fantasy’s

While only


Theirs to thrive

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