When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

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Do your own thing

That’s what makes the world go round

My mind

Let it be

Oh people

You know not what you do

Burn your bibles

A new world has come

A new people

A new word

Here I am

Devil and all

Why don’t you just kill me

To save them all

Oh lord

Give me a life

Far removed from this

Far into my 100’s

And I have beaten the devil

I’m 33

On the verge of

Cells renewed

Oh god

This pain

Is unreal

Why won’t you heal


So I can heal myself

Oh god

My mind

Is angry

From being raped


From lack of justice

No justice

No peace

Is not just made up

I have no peace

Because I didn’t get justice

Oh my god

The screams

My poor baby

They stole my spirit

After being reborn

And I’m so alone

Jesus Christ won’t hear me

What is even real

They are evil

And have targeted me for so long

Just wish people would help me

Not lose everything

God is lawless

Schizophrenia proves

There is no god

I am nothing like my mother

Nothing like my father

Beaten by a step dad

Accused by a step mom

You all never got caught

For what you did

To me as a child

And I know

God will get you

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