When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air


Collection of life lessons, metaphorical writings, free-writing, short stories, quotes, poems, dreams, and photography (all original photography coming soon!). Mainly subconscious writing/esoteric.

A passionately curious individual with the aspirations to express myself through writing. To understand all it means to be human. To give this part of me to the world because that is what I am being called to do. To contribute to the greater good and hopefully help someone in the process. You will learn more about me through the nature of my writings which are constantly evolving into a bigger picture I can utilize throughout this crazy little thing called life=love that address the depths of our existence and nature of it all.

And I try to do so in a way in which we all can understand. Kinda in a short and sweet way while turning negatives into positives. I like to leave it up to the reader in how to perceive it.

DISCLAiMER: My posts are also random and a generalized perception of human nature so they aren’t always relevant with what I am doing or going through that day, time period, or even at all. And if you can relate that means I’m doing my job well, that’s all. ❤

I just write.


(Copyright 2014 Kerrious with All Rights Reserved)

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