When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

No longer young and beautiful

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  1. WTH why you cutting yourself down like that, you decide what you are?Who you are, pfffft!!You are hella hot I always thought, that bothered me enough to have to say, it sucks when you think these thing for real, I only can say cause it is just how I feel experience some weird. Lets travel and journal like mad thinkers do, instead of listing to your dead and audio loops of sherifs making a raid on your pad, speaking for myself I plan to go where they are not, and that is a disaster area flood fire earthquake oil spill and bring a car load of top romen blankets and clothes I can see donations for the documentation eventually and proley roll a ways cause there is a serious need for journalism these days, you are more than great writer, I am doing it as soon as I get my hands on a ride my lil sis been taking to long and it will be soon she lets it go, I am travilng to where ever disaster is, lemme tell ya, no stalker would follow you there, some one mentioned to me that stalkers are the first to flea after disasters, hmm thought about it and have to say as soon as the car in in my mits there I go had out stuff and talk to people and journal away, what do you say, wanna someday? OMG damn it tell me that you hot please I still think so! but if you say no that would mean didilily squat and would make you not, so please tell me that you are cause I wanna still think so……

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