When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

You can say whatever you want

We were saved over 2000

Years ago

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  1. I was curious so I took a look and there you were talking away and I learned you wrote a book. Bound to find it and found on the internet the only place around, eagerly paid and waited for it to arrive, so curious to read what was inside. You had touched me when you broadcasted your moon child trip, I definitely had a crush and could not get enough of it. I just loved the way you carried on and wanted to get to know you heart song, the way it played it pulled my heart strings there were many things said then came the book and I read. I felt I knew you then and there, wanted to tell you that I care, made a comment now and then found your word press and wrote a few and pushed send. You abruptly disappeared from your youtube broadcast and became a bit sad, but glad to know you here so not to bad. I began to learn what a T.I. was and found that I as well have common ground but prefer to to refer it as organized torture and or ritual satanic abuse. They target Nagel man and woman to drain them from their gifts of ESP medium-ship and psychic abilities and such so I have become worried for you and feel you are not schizophrenic and hope you know this as well and to tell you that I hope that you are trying to harvest those gifts you have through spiritual enlightenment development and are moving towards evolution ascension deliverance and those that drain and try to control you will burn in hell, I recognize you Nagel woman and pray that you are doing well! Miss you from your youtube broadcast and think of you much so I wrote this in hopes to keep in touch…….

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