When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

Dear God

I’m two weeks sober

Going for forever

Although i can’t imagine

Never drinking again

I want to get that wine

Off the internet for half price

I want to try it


But maybe i have too many problems to drink

I really do

Maybe one day if i am healed

I can have some wine and be responsible.

I really want to.


I can’t believe I’ve acted a fool

And done the things I’ve done lately

I’m on probation

I’m a fool!

Oh God

A full hearted fool

Desperate for justice i suppose

But i know things can’t be the way i want them

So i just think about God’s will

And how God will handle it all

Not me

I can do nothing

It is out of my control

I know it is

And I know God will do what is best

I really can’t believe the things I’ve done

To the ones that i love the most

How could i

I’m so hurt

I am trying so hard to be different

To change for the better

Please god help

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