When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

I love our little girl Gia Rose. She is growing fast. She is a blessing. If i didn’t get pregnant I don’t know where i would be. I’m so happy I got pregnant. Brett and Gia are my world. i love Brett so much for giving me Gia. I was at rock bottom, with nothing and no one then all of a sudden i have a family. We have a house now and are making it our home. Brett got me a walk in closet and we have made it look nice and he built me a shelf for all my supplies and i like to burn sage and incense and candles and turn my sound machine on to thunder and look at tarot cards about the past present and future. How the past i was a victim but presently need a new mindset to get rewarded for labor in the future. So true.

Right now Gia is fighting sleep but it is her bedtime.

I’m just grateful and thankful and happy i am here today with my little family. I already want another child. Being pregnant was the best thing ever. I loved every second of it even when i was sick and throwing up rejecting foods. I just really can’t wait to have a little boy. Fingers crossed.

I thank God every day and realize how much God has done in my life. God truly is on my side.

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