When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

You should be able to choose who you want to be around and who you don’t want to be around. Maybe I’m the failure in God’s world but he is the failure in mind. Mine I am important and I don’t need God to tell me that I know I matter and I don’t need God to show me that.I don’t need somebody intruding in my life that is only going to bring destruction and chaos and dirtiness. I don’t have to be open minded I can just make my decisions and stick to them and no one’s going to change them. Nobody can change me nobody can change my mind no I will not open it for God. He’s already done enough damage. I believe in something way better I believe I come from way better than what I’ve been shown by God.As such selfishness God is such selfishness that’s his identity is selfishness. His only motive is to be selfish and please himself and when you won’t be into as well he says the devil well what if I’m not of God but of another planet? That’s a huge universe out there and I am not governed by a judge mental asshole. I believe in Jesus ChristAnd I believe in myself. I believe inside me is all the tools that I need and it’s not rebellious but rather gods rebellious. I’ll see what I need to say and do what I need to do and I think all the enemies know they can’t stop me because they’ve already tried. They can’t stop me from living from mattering.There is a higher power no matter how hard they try to claim it. These enemies are not connected to source they have no source in them, they are just self serving assholes trying to play god.

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