When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

Thank you God for noticing me in my despair you reached out for me but I’m not ready to appreciate it because I was doing just fine and never expected anyone to hear my cries and wouldn’t have cried if I knew someone was listeningIt’s just the way I am and you think God would know that. But instead I get targeted against my will I am forced to fight a battle that’s not even mine. Space.It’s hard to believe that God would do something so cruel but it’s really happening. You would think the intentions would matter and everybody does things that they don’t mean in this stressful world. God’s not the one that Hass to live in this economy and make money and stress over how he’s going to get his next meal or if anything will ever work out or if we’ll ever have money or be rich God already has it all so was it to him to ruinSomebody’s life. I feel like this whole thing is just one big disgrace and I come from someplace better I am not under the same laws as this God that uses the devil to rape people. That allows the devil to keep doing what he’s doing and teens the innocents take the innocent taint taint the innocent

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