When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

I’ve already lost 10 pounds after quitting drinking. That is a great reward because one day i just started gaining weight and it wouldn’t stop now for the first time i have lost weight! And i know i will keep losing so i can have a healthy body and not be obese or overweight because i need to get around and do things and i really want to go to the gym and workout and i will eventually but i will just have to find the time to go. It is so fun going to the gym i usually do the treadmill and weights and bike and stretch and then tan and get massage chair. I feel so rewarded for my hard efforts of quitting drinking.

Gia is my daughter she is one year old now and she is playing her little heart out everyday and lets mommy drink coffee and write. She’s the sweetest and cutest face. How can i not look at that face and change for the better. She is everything to me. Being pregnant was the best experience i ever had just carrying her around with me and taking care of her and making sure she was healthy and safe until she could come out. She came out just a little early but it was right on time to me. She came out all calm and looked at me and smiled. The sum of the experience, a smile.

I love her so much.

I have a job i am starting on Monday so that is exciting. Wish me luck!

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