When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

They stole my spirit

After being reborn

And I’m so alone

Jesus Christ won’t hear me

What is even real

They are evil

And have targeted me for so long

Just wish people would help me

Not lose everything

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  1. Are you for real? You got me in your corner, a perfect stranger and a loner, we have similarities and likeness from what I have read. I have found myself in a predicament as well, they all say I am dead, they have took most everything of true value, and make sure they stay in my head. Friends have disappeared with out a trace, the ones still around avoid me for what I have said. I am stubborn with a will to survive and skipped death determined they not gonna win the future calls me out forward I must tread, they can not have my soul but my prolems instead. I would protect you as you would me, do not you see your spirit is all you need everything else is obtainable again and again, spirit can not be stolen but given away my friend. We have been separated and kept in the dark, beings like we are must not consummate or they loose so we are misled and far apart. I think not and choose happiness instead. I would help you in a heart beat, when and where and how high? Shall I ask? Till then I guess they feast so they think and shall try. I know though in my case I will give them my prolems and watch them solve them till every drop in side them has been bled. This morning when I crawl into my bed, when I fall asleep I will search for you in my dreams under my wings I will protect you as you would me a strength that could not be beat. So off they shall have fled, the fear would turn on them the world would change for the better a time we could now break bread!

    I hope you are ok and that cheers you up some, please do not give in to that bullshit, as well as I. They can not win LOVE is on our side!

  2. Hey look what I found for my state!!!! not sure where you are but this is hope for me and you if you in California:

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