When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

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  1. Hey,
    IDK if what I wrote made it or not I think it got erased if it did make a long story short, I am a fan of your writing and read part of Think Happy Thoughts amazing book might I say unfortunatly it burned in a house fire and I was unable to finish it
    and have read your writing here and few other places as well. I wanted to leave you a link for some youtube videos if you would watch and listen to this guy and tell me what you think about it that would be cool, this guy answered alot of dark isssues that you and I have been cursed with and think maybe you and I and who ever else could solve some serrious issues that keep occuring in our lives(from what I gathered reading your stuff & my personal experiences) These people keep us from getting anywhere in life and humanity suffers as a result. You may already be passed this road block IDK but felt I must tell you at least or show you this dude.
    I really dont know you(except for what I have read) so this maybe akward lots of similar issues and dark things that we have survived I wanted to share what I have found to behind it all(may not be the same guy but one like him that causes our tragedies by design) Just watch this guy and you will see what I mean and just maybe, “Just maybe” we could compare notes on this issue and never ever have to be faced with this EVIL BS………
    I will not stalk you or be all weird. mmkay….? Just felt when I found this infoI thought of you specificly and felt I had to at least try to share it with you……..
    If you feel like I do, if you decide to look into this
    please dont hesitate contact me and we could compare
    notes and defeat these evil bastards……….
    If not ok o well, it was just weird how you of all people came 2 mind so strong I felt compeld to reach out 2 you. So I wont keep bothering you or anything like that just this once……….Take it or leave it……..

    Watch as many as you can and maybe you feel like I do(Finaly found what kind of evil spells and people enslaving and disabling our kind anyway, maybe have a fighting chance to be a success on ending it or at least defending from future disasters)any way take it or leave it, the offer is there in building a defense(compare notes and ideas) once you see if ya do like I do about this bondage that is being chosen for me and maybe you………

    Peace and love
    Happy Thoughts

  2. The web address!!!??? for the videos did?

    OMG! CRAP!!!!!!No!!!!!k I hope it did not because it was for me any way very educational in possibilities for self defense on attacks towards the psychie!!!
    Freaking crud, welp ima try to find some more of this interesting creep to share….
    BTW how you been? nice to hear from you and I miss your youtube escapades!!
    I hope they did not take him down completly he may have held a key in importantce……..I truley miss ya and hope all is well! :)~~(:

    • I kind of took you you’re not really interested in the content of those videos so I’m assuming you’re happy with the results of your meds is what you were saying and if that’s correct then just ignore this. I’m going to send you the link to some important stuff that I came across that explains a lot of crap

      2 parts, I have learned lots from this guy I am not to thrilled about his character but how else do you learn your enemy so to speak, just wondering what u think bout this nuts teachings. He is cool would not want to be on his bad side anyway or double cross him either but to see if anything could be learned to move on from our hauntings….. wont brother you if you’re satisfied with your meds and what not found useful pointers and a wealth of knowledge. Welp hope all is well….

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