When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

Trust me. The devil was never an angel and the devil was never in heaven. He is a pedophile rapist and stalks people. He’s been stalking me up close and personal for three years in a fashion in which I know and can see and hear everything he does.

I could use this to expose his manipulations and deceptions and his tactics like it’s a war and I could tell everyone ahead of time what he is thinking and doing and saying and planning but nothing he does matters. God is in control and the worst part is I’m the main victim since I was born. The lack of support from others is what I despise.

I wouldn’t be the first to reveal the devil and expose his evil and harm done to the human race and how if you don’t fully understand you will end up being used to just inevitably go to hell if you harm someone else because it is known not to trust the devil or even entertain the idea like how you shouldn’t take candy from a stranger.

Now is not the time to introduce new ideas but to utilize what has been known for thousands of years and contributing to the truth and well being of others instead of focusing on petty matters that fuel the flame.

This is not a time in which the ending is unknown or corruptible or that the ending can be changed if people do evil things. This is not a war, this is a reality not created by man or misunderstandings that leads to mistakes and declaring war on the wrong people esp innocent people.

This is a time to accept the truth and how it is and will be forever when it actually unfolds as planned. Gods plan.

I could tell you all I’ve witnessed but I’d just be reminded of how others are so ignorant they would choose to persecute me and condemn me and rape me and murder me and stalk me and harass me and annoy me until it’s over. I’ve already seen enough evil exposed to understand I’m not and will never be like that and it will cease to exist one day.

And I know I had a huge part in that.

that no one wants it to cease more than I do and that is why others fail me because they aren’t me and don’t want it because they were not targeted by the devil since birth but rather so under estimated the devil thought his engender would fall in place so much so that everyone else would be so unaware and so blissfully asleep they could do nothing about it and easily go along with it but I on the other hand have been a warrior never listening to the devil or doing anything he says and that threatens him and his false confidence of a couple decades of silence that I had proves the devil is so proud and arrogant that the devil thinks we listen to him but it’s not until he witnesses us not that he will get the outcome of the truth.

There’s nothing he can do.

Nowhere he can hide.

No one he can use.

Or they can al burn together, forever.

So as I write I am stating the fact that the truth has been exposed that he is powerless and every second of life is there to prove it. And he can focus on me while others prevail 24/7.

I can handle it.


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