When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

A deep seeded unforgiveness

Lurks in the souls

Of those

Who can remember

Yet their pre emptive attack

And lack of trust

Has created a self fulfilling prophecy

Where real prophets have no fear

Or war towards God

No conspiracy in private

To defeat God

When they had thousands of years

To heal and forgive

That’s the difference between

Me and them

I have worked hard to heal

And understand

Not let it build up

Into hatred and evil character

But that was my work

I was willing to share



And it was something

They didn’t want to hear

Then why ask me?

Only to degrade me

And treat me as if I was God

And do to my body

What you’d wish to do to Gods

That proving God right in the end

Built my faith

An unburied knowing

Inside of me

A waking me up

To the time it was

That it’s no coincidence

But they use the knowing

To plot against God

And I to fight for him

And why does that make me their enemy?

When I gave them all the tools

To heal

And feel what I do

Yet in reality

They don’t know

And didn’t know

That when they deny Christ

And miracles

They set themselves up for failure

That not denying Christ

Is even for their benefit

Not ego

Everything I did too

Was for their benefit



As their enemy?

That God does know everything

Wasn’t it he that prepared me?

Gave me the ability

To warn?

Yet I watched them descend

Yet saw Gods love

For everyone

Even the worst

Was the same love I had

But what makes this a new cycle

For me

Is I am only loyal to God

And not them


That I’ll be the angel

Doubting God


He shows his power

In the form

Of surprising me

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