When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

Dear God…

What could allow the world

And the heavens

To allow me to go through this

All alone?

What could be the spite

Of a lot of people

Have to do with me?

How could anyone

Let a young lady

Be ritual sacrificed

And raped and abused

Up close or at a distance?

And what could make them never listen?

It holds no purpose

None at all

Because the God I know


The beginning and the end

And I refuse to forgive anyone

For watching this filler of filth

Into my life

As if I deserve it

Not even my thoughts deserve it!

Nothing I’ve ever done

Amounts up to this treatment of me

Unless things are said behind my back

And debates are taken

With my welfare out of mind

But it’s not out of sight

And who wouldn’t believe the words that I say?

Who wouldn’t save me?

Just to antagonize me

And incure my wrath

That resembles Gods?

I’ll never change

Even if I am meant

To stay here and suffer for eternity

They’d have to kill me a million times

And then still never be satisfied

Because I won’t be like them


But in my darkest times

I have to believe no one cares

Or they would have stopped it by now

Given me a chance

To finish what I started

To live my life

The way I worked hard for it

And not have to forfeit it to the enemy!

For my good and pure heart

To be taken advantage of

By both parties

No matter which way I look at it

Everyone’s guilty

Everyone intentions

Are to just take advantage

Of everything I’ve been

And am

And will become

So yeah just sit and wait

And see

What I become

Degrade me and humiliate me

And expect my hand

Or acceptance

Of any of you!


The enemy wants to take advantage

By turning me worse

And by allowing him to do it

Is consent of your part

Not mine!

I do not respect any man

Who lets a woman go through this

While running away

For what was already here

And what could have already been done a long time ago

But u want to neutralize me

So neutral I will be!

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