When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

No matter my name

They will try to shame

Point the figure at me

As if I am to blame

Just more deceit

For the masses

That it’s not about having

Them on my side

Or accepting me

But having God on my side

Finding me worthy

Is a world that says

I am anything but

That all these voids

People have

God can fill

But I guess that’s being chosen

And they just are not

They try to fit in

Make their evil necessary

But it’s just not

It serves no purpose

But to defy God

And universal law

And the fact

The world is in pain

Because of them

And pain isn’t natural

But only

Those of us

That have been there could understand

And we do it


For God

Not for ourselves

To feel less

But to combat the enemy

And it’s time of distress

You can’t lead a horse to the water

And make it drink

Because there is flesh and bone

Hell driven

and Jesus isn’t going to take the wheel

And neither am I

Although I try

It’s these differences

We have to embrace

In order

To know right from wrong

And what our purpose is

To defeat evil


Once and for all.

deny me justice

But I’ll give so much more

Sent me love

But I’ll create it from scratch

Deny me


And I’ll do so much more

What you take

I just magnify

But now I know

What’s it’s like to pick and choose

Who you do it for

And who will reap the rewards

And who will redeem the punishment

And even Gods punishment

Is love.

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