When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

Thank you

For the save

Thank you

For the mind

And thank you

For the heart


And raging

With the howls

Of Hell

And chords

Of heaven

If you can

Try again

And again

Never give up

Your hard work

Will pay off

So I wait

For my soulmate



That’s what we do

In the scheme

Of life

Time is everything

And like false gods

There are false


Tricking you

Just to feel

Your love

There’s those

That wish

To devour

Your heart

And mind

And reverse

Your saving

Your hard work

But they are futile

I their attempts


They haven’t no love

My love…

And they say

Love doesn’t matter

No value

They say

The torture

Will continue

But I know

The departed sea

And the chiseling

Of new laws

My worth

My worthiness


In the priceless

The invisible

And most valuable

In tears

And thoughts

And feelings

That never lead



And I’m gonna

Keep it that way.

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