When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

Oh my love

Terrible but true

Oh my life

What happened to you

My love

My darling

My everything

My air

My life

How could you not see


Oh my love

I almost died

Collapsed in panic

Cause I thought you were the one

We met as kids

In your terrible life

That you’ve somehow

Coped with

By tormenting me

Oh the torment

My love

Was almost over

But you ran

Why so scared?

Why attempt

To kill

The very one

Who was your soul mate

A cycle

That can’t be replaced

With others

Only me.

I was your power

I was your future wife

I was the one

All right…

But these nights aren’t so bad

With all it’s abundance

I stood at the gates of love

To only have you back down

Shot down

Into the crowd

Vision after vision

Pain and torture

Was too fast for you

So you blew a fuse

I’m the one you

We’re looking me

It’s like being a hollow vessel

Silently screaming

For someone to take your hand

And not a ghosts

Someone to hear you

And recognize you

From a past life

But then I realized

He’d been stealing for centuries

Everything he did

I did it for him.

My liberty


In a great pursuit

Of eons

Of me and you

Taking turns

To find each other again

And we did

Except they tested

And tore love apart

Destroying all things

Virtuous and true

Including you.

Sorry I tried to save you

I loved you.

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