When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

When someone loves you so much

It brings you to your knees

It makes you look up

Light candles

And sit in the dark

And talk about anything

And everything

When someone hates you

It makes you back away

Makes you

Know you are abused

When someone loves you so much

He gives you gifts

To open

And appreciate

Not for others

But only for you.

Sometimes gifts

Aren’t the answer

But to leave me to my own devices


Because there I am the warrior

Don’t need anything given

Or anything extra

But to be exactly


That’s the answer

That’s the only cure

I need

The only gift

Everything else

Is taken for granted

Or summed up as normal

To me

When it’s just not

That the gifts

Allowed me to know

I was different

And always will be

And that is the best gift

I could ever get

That someone is looking out for me

But appreciates


For me

So much in fact

They listen to me

Nod their head

And smile

In approval.

But I’d love to imagine

A world

Where who I am is rampant

That it would be safe


And holy


And loving

I really do.

And that’s what I strive for


The enemy awaits

To devour

The worlds possibly

Of such things

Yet so many fall for it

Despite all the warnings

From a prophet

And now

The results are in

They chose to remain evil

And I can’t control people

Or I’d be using my gifts for evil

That free will

Is what they think

They can manipulate

Into their damnation

That even if God gave them on gift

They’d find a way

To abuse it

Which is only abusing themselves

In the end

That they only hurt themselves

But now I know better

They aren’t satisfied

Until we are all dead

Our identity stolen

A false world

Is their goal

And God would never let that happen

But now you know him

And he knows you.

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