When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

Their delusions

Aren’t they a sickness?

Aren’t we to heal the sick?

But evil is different

It’s relentless

That only death will cure them

That not until they burn

Can they comprehend

If they even can at all

So in the end

We will see

Who is real

And who is false

A false god

A false Christ

A false me

A false you

Loom over us


To find the worthy

And the self respect

We do desire

And the foundations

Of love we know

And the God

We all should remember

That all this remembering

Is to remember


then he will know

His enemies

That what I’ve done

Is reminded

And shed my blood

Like I shed the truth

So they have no more excuses

That their true colors prevail

After all this time

To rage war against me

Is to do so against God

And to hate me

Is to hate God

Hated in Gods name

I am…

And you can’t change people

But now I understand

The existence of Hell

That’s love

They need it

They won’t get what they want

They’ll get what they need

Just like me.

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