When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

I give my heart to my thoughts

I give my thoughts to God

And god makes them me again

After all the

She’s stupid she’s ugly

She’s not good enough

She ain’t the one

All the wasting of time

Combines into my fortune

But I don’t feel like I wasted any time at all


That as long as my heart was in it

It was time well spent

I hold no redeeming

No anger

That only the cure has allowed me to see

Who is really speaking for me

And those who think they have perspective

Believe what they hear

Never trust a happy ending

Never trust a thought

Or that it comes from you

Their pollution

Spiritual drainage

They are the ones like a sponge

But without us

Could they?

I’d like to know their strength

Not mine

I’d like to know their ending not mine

And I’d like to know their reasoning

Not mine

Their thoughts

Not mine

So I have

There lies the polluted atmosphere

Where I create a bubble

Around me

To survive

As I my head cools

So does my heart

As my head cools

My heart freezes in time

And the feeling burns

Like the fire forged

From a warrior

Of mass recognition

And achievement highest


And an illusion

Built all around her

To trick her

Make her fall

Lose it all

How they think they had a chance

And still do

They deny me

What I’ve created for myself

They deny me my hallelujah

But my heart doesn’t

My hearts fire moved to my eyes

To become real

And through these miracles

I cleanse the air

The very same air

That speaks

Is the very same thing

That betrayed


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