When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

When you are younger you think that Love is abundant you think that love is everywhere but it’s not. When you’re younger it’s not like you take for granted the love in your life but you think that if the Love leaves you that’s in your life is gone it’s abundant everywhere and that’s just not true. You think that Love is universal but it’s not it’s individual. Maybe that’s why we try to hold onto things so tightly because it can’t be found anywhere else. We hold on and we can’t let go because I cannot walk down the street And find Love down the street when I have it in my own house but it but it’s like all the love that I’ve ever had has died right in front of my eyes I have watched love you disappear I have watch Love betrayed me I have watch Love have its own agenda I have watched Love manifest into a form of NV of hate to make a warm hall into another dimension that equals only hate towards me. I have had love in my own hands and watched it does disappear dissipate and slip because of my lovers love for others and my love for others that were outside the norm of marriage marriage. I have watched me and my future husband throw away our future for those that didn’t even don’t even care about us never will care about us never will care about us and here we are about us and here we are and we both have fucked up tremendously by doing this we have both sacrificed ourselves defined our mother defined our father and to get closer to our siblings and make friends and be social because they said we were backwards but one is in jail and the other might as well be.. we have set out on these promises unspoken words just everyone abusing our hearts and our dream is being 40 and free of it all.

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