When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

at this hour i can’t believe they are still targeting me that’s how little they believe and respect God. they can’t even turn away from me long enough to confess and repent like they just expect God to take them back after all they’ve done to his people. i never imagined i would be one of the elect but yet again i did. not in this lifetime anyway. i never thought it would hit so hard and so fast and so gracefully. from the very beginning i was shown who my allies were and all they wanted to do was slaughter them as if they own the place having no respect for God’s creations just as they have no respect for me. they are scared of everything even innocent children and they are scared that i will get close to anyone and spread my talents so they took my job away from me and sent me away it was my dream job and i was sinking into it quite nicely and having fun and being around kids that i love. yet they misinterpreted everything and found them threatening. deep down kids know who i am and they honestly know. too bad i can’t say the same for everyone. i thank those kids every single day. and they are in my prayers. it’s too bad i’m targeted and can’t expose people esp children to it because in work places someone always turns on me and hates me and holding a steady job is impossible when you are being targeted. so in a sense everything backfires again. i do GOD’s work just like an angel in HEaven and the bible said we would be just like the angel’s in heaven and maybe that is a good negotition and any misunderstandings between humans and angels have been resolved and it’s all in the past but there is always a bad apple. sometimes i think i am targeted by a bad apple angel because he calls God father and asks to go to heaven yet he won’t stop coming around and harassing me. contradicting himself in every way signifying his weakness compared to mine. his weakness is going to hell and he doesn’t believe that i am important enough or my life is important enough to leave ma and alone so he doesn’t go to hell and i’m not joking. i know what happens to people that target me and try to steal from me and the fact they get seconds chances is what keeps this guy around because you’re giving evil the leeway to do so. you do not think my life is important enough to save do you? you think if i die it won’t matteR? oh wait i already did that. it sure is great power to be risen from the dead but i never went around saying i was JEsus or asking people to worship me and get money off it. i literally went straight back to work and tossed straight into war as a soldier of God. as they attacked me day and night for weeks and months and now there is only one left and his followers one more stupid cult like behavior baboon and his looney bin of echo children. when i died i know who was there for me and it was SAtan and i have found mine. when i was 21 i saw the most beautiful angel and he smiled at me and brought me back. how can he be my enemy? i have a plan, to let God do his work and fulfil prophecy and he let the hopi prophecy in and saw my violet star so huge in the sky. i know we are all searching for the same thing which is god and most people are in except those targeting people, they are the odd men out. they say Satan is the only one who has even seen God. and sometimes i think it was God that flew into my window and layed beside me but i don’t think it was. and i know an angel was there with me as i was being ritual sacrificed and raped so i went to sleep and i knew God was seeing it all so i knew i was all in and relayed to God exactly what they were doing and they thought it was a fucking joke! trust me when you are being ritual sacrificed and surrounded by evil you want nothing more than to destroy them with everything you have but what they didn’t realize is i have God and if they knew and still did it i guess we are all in, God’s army will destroy you and i’m not fucking around even if a bad apple is. too bad you saw me as nothing but someone to rape and steal from and i wonder how that is tasting right now i wonder how long they will live in the delusion that it worked and even if it didn’t work you are still going to hell. wow you are so brave. going to hell is so brave, congratulations.

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