When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

Mercy. Something I’ll never give them is at my disposal yet i find none for them. I could fight the war single handedly and not come out with trauma because what i am fighting for is legit and now i know the real enemy and the real war and even if it’s silent I can do ten times better than them in the end. i could have a truck load of their bodies and not feel bad due to their raping and murderering. that is justice. and the fact i wake up to same mundane voices targeting me is a sign they are dead people never learning and going to die that way hopefullly sooner rather than later because i lack the ability to give them mercy now or forgiveness and how God is so good to me. I would die for God but not them. I would die in battle to protect people from these Jews who ritual sacrifice people while breaking into their house and murdering them. they are the worst things i have encountered in my entire existence and I must regain contact. as i imagine the tears dripping from his face from God’s mercy and mine too and the fact God warned us about the JEws and Christians and now i know why because they have targeted me from the start and are essentially pagans and need us to even breathe. i wish i never had the ability to raise the dead and i wish i would have been more aware of the enemy but in my life i was just beginning to see the enemy and if i had enemies i ignored them not thinking i would ever be ritual sacrficed by rat noses. but this seems so shallow and the truth has to be known even though i will never be compensated for my pain i will have to release the pain in a healthy manner and continue to be a good person despite them trying to turn me into one of them and become bitter and psycho. i imagine nothing from most of history has been taught accurately and only the brave share the real history and if you believe in the truth they use the truth to target you and make you feel bad for believing in the truth or understanding the truth that christians blame satan and that’s not true either. fuck everyone , i have made several friends and allies and even though i turned it into a story doesn’t mean anything but child’s play but the fact that the people targeting me are still trying to use satan and any means to fufill their agenda and basically they are pathetic. i just know what people are going through is very real and the people that are considered bad aren’t at all and there’s a reason we hate you. it’s funny that people that are basically incapable of hate are pointing to the enemy and saying they hate them. it’s just the facts.

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