When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

I’m immune to your energy manipulation that if God knew how much you were abusing his universe and creation and you try to manipulate to use as weapons in the name of envy and essentially hell because i guess your warming up for your new home and it’s nice Satan tricked you into thinking it was fun or a party or a reunion and it’s nice that he hates you and stayed true to that. it really is. but i dare you to continue to hit me and try to cause me harm and evesdrop because you’re a fucking tool a public display at that nothing more than a billboard smiling hell through her teeth and i will fucking make you pay for intruding into my space and acting like it was fucking okay to do so. it’s not a threat but a literal self defense i will employ never comprimising myself or integrity but just dropping some weight before we sink. i fucking hate you and my hate for you isn’t your oppurtunity to turn the tables and say i’m the hateful one but i hate you because you are evil it’s just the simple facts. God would never hate me for hating evil our adversary. but i’m not Jesus and i do not love my enemies as they kill me i will not ask for their forgiveness as kind as that was i’m not your personal jesus and i’m not going to pretend to be that i’ve learned evil is not worthy of my breath let alone my prayers and i’m not plaqueing God with your errors and i have just the right dose of selfishness . see,  i am your worst nightmare and it’s sad you thiink just because someone prays for you that you are forgiven the only thing he did was pray in the form a question well you got your answer. NO. plaques and all. listen to all the evil advice. but the point is i’m not Jesus but rather the opposite in the sense that i learned from his mistakes or what i deem to be mistakes in the form of never taking the fall or sacrifice for these people. to not reward them for murdering me. or let them think murdering me will get them something. it will get them something all right, a doorway to hell. i can tell when someone’s watching me and i can tell you that all the attempts at murdering me has its price . you figure it out.

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