When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

it’s a tyrannical tirade and a genius only supplied through technological means and i know technology is no match for me even if they took it away i would okay. but if they weren’t supplied with the weapens in the first place i wouldn’t be going through this that if they weren’t supplied with the defamation of character and the permission to harm me with their ill intent and make me homeless and treat me as a victim instead of a misdiagnosis i wouldn’t be in this mess so i feel like it’s ironic that they said i was a danger but really they put me straight into danger when all i need was to stop and take a breath and not be bombarded by police and ambulance that that was nothing unusual at all because they were strangers but sometimes i’m lost for words especially while having a panic attack and getting lost in a state that thought it was okay to keep me hostage over a panic attack while never giving me the right medication so who knows if i’ll ever get a cure or i just have to do it myself. again. but i don’t know why they treat me like the lost one and child when that’s what they are overall are lost children identifying as authority and why should a grown adult have to listen to pea sized brains that aren’t fully developed yet. just a sincere thought. that why are my actions so abnormal when it used to normal for people to take random drives plus it’s my favorite way to clear my head and favorite thing to do yet i was kidnapped and it was deemed wrong because i love it. it’s just sad that my generation grows up with dicks in their ass. i’ve really learned that i don’t need anyone or anything but i don’t deserve to suffer so i just use the least evasive resources and it’s weird to think that people like me have been misunderstood for centuries and electrocuted and lobotomized just because of other people the whole time. it really does just take one person to hate you for the rest to follow but it only takes one person to love you at the same time and no body has to follow for it to be real. but they have to work in numbers for their hate to be real but not love. they have to falsify records and lie and spread rumors and gossip about people to create while love is never like that it doesn’t even need words and you don’t even have to tell anyone for it to be real. overall in the end my mother and father loved me completely full heartedly and no amount of brainwashing can convince me otherwise and they don’t deserve to be punished for anything and they tried to convince me they were bad to drive me away from home and convince me no one cared about me. and in the end the reality of the situation and the thing no one could grasp or understand was God’s love but I could and in the end all the mattered was the he loved me but they could never love me enough to leave me alone and i have to accept that . in a sense i want to love me enough to leave me alone like if they did that i will know things will get better but as long as this programs runs and the people consent to continuing then i will know evil still exists no matter how innocent they sound i won’t forget the damage they have caused because they wouldn’t listen to a simple no. that so much damage can occur when people don’t listen to no but a lot of good can happen to those people that won’t take no for an answer so the factor is the situation and if i say leave me alone i mean it. and there are magnitudes of reasons and its not a plea but a resounding answer. leave me alone. yet they call me stupid because i don’t want to be tortured and i want my privacy. the very thing they take away i want back so i am stupid i guess. that we will get our stuff back and privacy is one and you will be labeled a pervert of the century and rapist and judged accordingly. the end..

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