When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

i’m against rape and murder and you just happen to be Judas’s. i’d like to see your money buy you a ticket to heaven or the golden chariot and i’d like tokyo to be our saviors! wow. and i’d like to invite you to the shit show results of thinking you could do better than me. and the grand finale includes free ashes for everyone and a stairway straight down to you know where. never before have we seen such a turn out folks. america’s sweetheart’s going to hell!? woah buddy self proclaimed god’s chosen all going to hell?! i’d like to see your technology save you now and let you live forever as a hologram but it doesn’t work now does it? you can’t seriously live on like that or it wouldn’t be you it would only be a generic version of you generated by only what you know about yourself and that is very little. congratulations you sold your soul to be only 10% of yourselves in the end that i know how you tried to put me in technology and you got very little information only information to abuse and deem what you thought i thought and nothing more, one snippets of a memory that you could never comphrehend and a mind that chooses me in the end bet your mind can’t do that. bet your mind is so desperate to exist your egos inflated magnified and personified and the ego of yours thinks its real and the ego tells you it’s working because it doesn’t want to die well i don’t have an ego and i set u apart and if i didn’t suceed at destorying something that tried to destroy my mind to be raped constantly over and over and over than i will never give up and you can hide it but i know the truth you raped my mind and now your trying to turn it against me as my enemy as if i would kill myself as if you can trick me with my own voice and i’d fall for a scheme so barbaric that you’ll be rid of me in no time. it’s quite the opposite. i hate you with a passion raping my beautiful mind and photographic memory just because you don’t have one well i didn’t know they sold those on the black market and got them through raping people. how significant right?! man always had an inferiority complex never worthy of creation and to this day they prove it making my findings the most truth there ever was. and raping my mind wasn’t enough for them that they had to rape my ass too and then play with my mind like a toy like they could buy it at toys r us like it was theirs. you missed out on what you truly needed in exchange for a desire, an empty shallow void and in return that is what you’ll get. a black hole where you have to start all over again. your creators? well good luck and all you ever created on earth is meaningless and you are meaningless and without God. without God you are meaningless and that’s just the way it is. have fun in your new home, it’s where all the bugs go to extermination well damnation.

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