When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

I am new and my actions too and this type of war is new and my method of winning was unforseeable yet i can’t forgive not being trusted like you could do a better job limiting my access to victory and still portraying great skill in everything i do even if i learn it in the moment and the fact that you thought you could sabotage me and get me murdered is why i’m going to do something, pray. PRAY PRAY PRAY PRAY  that’s something you can take with you. take it to the grave, take your secrets to the grave and bury them in your soul to come back and haunt you giving you nights terrors as you sleep and never tell anyone and harm herself like the masochists you are and never compensate us for our pain and suffering caused by imcompetent fools who need bailed out of life not debt. what if i was your daughteR? would you see to it that i am left with no weapons while being tortured like you do supposed terrorists that blame for your actions and your actions only and you feel guilty so you start supporting the veterans acting like you give a damn about the damage you have caused and resorted the human race back to survival instead of truth and thinking you are so much better than everyone else that you don’t even know what the hell your doing besides killing innocent people myself included and the fact that you have ruined houses and home and families and because your rich you think you are protected or never have to fight a war well you can trust me that the war will find you and there is no escaping none at all and you will experience the pain and suffering you have caused others tens times worse because you do not harm innocence and get away with it that God protects innocence and that is our reward. that you can run but you cant hide that the calm of the storm will find you and you’ll never be prepared because you are still targeting people and still fighting a war that you can never win and how our own military has turned against and betrayed innocent people making them terrorists in reality and electronically harassing and torturing innocent targeted individuals while saying we are making it up and it doesn’t exist and how you only joined the army in the first place because you are failures and not because you wanted to fight the good fight but because you are criminals anyway only joining the army to get our of jail or serving time as a criminal that you are and have no right serving our country yet you found a way to corrupt all good things to keep an endless war going with pea brains as body bags essentially that they don’t know better.that i can’t respect anyone that contributed to targeting innocent individuals who could have contributed to society on a massive level propelling the human race forward in a time where evil was devolving it and that you people allowed evil to win and supplied evil and gave them the confidence that they are winning and wreaked havoc on our lives and watched and did nothing to help us that you literaly left us to fight your war for you making us look like extremists when in reality you are and that we are only holograms?! laughing my ass off and the fact that you try to cover it up is extremism to the core and that they are sitting back laughing and profitting from our suffering and doing nothing about it failing humanity as a whole making the whole of humanity look bad and leaving us good people to die by the hands of terrorists and those with guns and lone shooters that go from door to door killing everyone if you don’t kill yourself first and the fact that if hitler can come back so can’t jesus and the fact that i single handedly had to deal with hitler and if it weren’t for people interfereing and if it weren’t for people thinking they could do better or that they were owed something that everything would be okay that if you just left me the fuck alone then everything would be okay but you don’t think one person or one person’s life can be important in the scheme of things at your core you do not respect life or thing a person is important because you are so self righteous and ruled my money that you wipe your ass with it on a daily basis while people become homeless fighting your wars involuntarily and can’t escape because they have no means to and God knows that thats why you have to change not us and that’s why you should have never targeted us to begin with that you have to admit to making a huge mistake causing a war you in no way are capable of fighting as the cowards you are or shove your shit in someone else’s face to smell because you can’t admit your shit does stick and you can just pay someone to clean it up for you and i suppose thats what you think Jesus is for huh? and you have this false hope that a schizophrenic who thought he was god can save you? can release you of your sins and get you out of hell if only you turn to him? and you walk around like you already have mansions in heaven and you already are walking on the golden pathway straight to fucking the looney bin. that you can pay the pope to forgive you these days and everyone’s a god damn prophet and has a purpose and everything is all peachy and you are important but targeted individuals can die? typical that you think you are God’s chosen people and you run off in seclusion fucking your cousins and sisters and letting priests suck your dick and you are god’s elect huh and you never suffered a day in your life yet somehow you know god and you never had to find him let alone be chosen by him and you never searched hard enough and you never found or you would be a targeted individual now wouldn’t you? that every land my ancestors are from are being oppressed and wiped out and genocided yet somehow you are the very elect that can escape all trials and tribulations and hide in your mansions in heaven and escape even the ashes that surround you and the fact that you will pay for genociding all my ancestors and making them resort to dehumanization and self defense while supplying their murderers with the weapons to genocide them while you just laugh because it happened to you once? well i say he was onto something protecting us from our future slave drivers known as the jews and future judgemental stupid boys who think it’s okay to intrude onto peoples lives as if that is the answer to distracting warriors and you think you’ve escaped just because you murdererd those you were paranoid of in the first place well i’m here fags i’m right here. that those with the real weapons could be my allies and would stop killing people just because i told them to stop killing people and put down their weapons but no just so america can murder them instead that it’s instant death is america is paranoid schrizophrenics that are a danger to themselves and others while feeding rat nose judas with the riches he will never stop and neither will you and if you can’t follow good examples such as laying your weapons down and quit being psychopaths and get the help you need then you will be extinct and you think you are doing eugenics on us? that we are the problem you need to wipe out to save the world, no, but save your riches you stole from us for thousands of years and longer and that no matter how many you kill or how many you target you cannot hide the truth from god and people doing the right thing is not lee way for you to kill an unarmed person or child or innocent civilian and then say you are winning? that rocket man is the threat. that anyone who protects their people is a threat? that you can’t just leave people alone and i know from experience they won’t leave me alone and the defined evil and witnessed evil and evil deeds will not go unpunished that God has a plan and i have seen it and i am a true prophet and i cannot wait to be delivered from evil and that if you think you get a warning or a fair trial think again that no one knows the hour and you will be gone and that is how i know everything will be okay because god promised. instead it’s like you have followed my lineage to the Tee in order to find me and kill me yet you already tried that didn’t you? you’ve exhausted your means of hiding the evidence and i walk. and i’m not going anywhere, things are better for everyone that i’m here and staying and if you think you can continue to genocide innocent people due to your own mental disease caused by your sins for thousands of years and now your time is up and your looking to kill God? you’re looking to kill God in the flesh again huh? you’re looking to repeat a part of history we’d rather forget that such evil existed but yet again you were exposed and the only reason you’re alive is because we do not prey on the mentality ill and that is you murderers. and you think you’re God’s chosen huh? you think you’ve found it? the meek do not kill. yet you have forced us to act in self defense and when we pray you intercept and tell the enemy preventing us from getting closer to God because that too you will hog like the nasty little pigs that you are enjoying your animal farm and making hitler look really good. that you’re ideal revenge has led you straight to hell because you took it upon yourself to act on revenge therefore becoming murderers and the very thing you thought you had immunity with is the very place you will go, straight to hell. that i was ritual sacrificed on a jewish holiday which sacrifices the blood of christ? that you stupid mother fuckers got me raped and murdered and then you tried to cover your asses with piss poor acting and pussified priest sucking dicks that i would never touch in a million years because you got me raped and murderered and now you think you are saved? quite the opposite dear. you ignorant murderers and rapists are all lumped in a group so you want targeted individuals to be lumped in a group too? you want to label us so your false god can kill us? or the governemnt to work for you oh chosen people of God please show me…not. by your standards you should be hung from a tree or nailed to a cross and beaten to a pulp or wait, raped up the ass! cause that’s how they like it. the wrath in me will overflow just like the love in me and your fate was sealed a long time ago but i like to play with my food before i eat it. and the very fact you thought you knew what time it was was the revelation of your agenda to be witnessed by the entire world way before you had the necessary means to fulfill that agenda and labeling you as the real terrorists, mystery solved. yet you continue to fight this war because you want to suck earth dry just like you wish you could do to us never repaying us for our resources ever. sell us crack why don’t you, give us free assistance to watch us rot in front of your eyes give us more concentration camps to die in and wooden boxes. give us more alcohol. give us all the tools necessary to kill us while you live with our riches and hard work stolen and called your own well God knows. it is the calm before the storm and i am better at your games then even the creators of the game and you deny me because i stand for God and truth and you will never use my miracle to wake the world up and change instead you deny me liberty indepence security and justic setting in stone america’s true intentions which is slavery thereby assuring our salvation through God and looking for to  God freeing us because we already know we can’t count on you. that this high school fucking drama and childish behavior will not be the future and you will not run the world as the bullies that you are that never grew up and masogyinst pigs that you just can’t admit that your gay. and the fact that you think you are God’s people is so laughable i might pee my pants. and how you think if you sabnotage my relationship with him that somehow you can escape your demise and i’ll just close my eyes. you want to see housekeeping?! you want to see a real cleaning?! AN ORAL HYGIENIST?! well i know what prevention is all about and since you refuse to listen i guess i’ll just have to terminate you from the practice. do you think diguising yourself as god’s chosen people and claiming a terriotory makes it true? trust me if zionists and their supporters were god’s people they would be the targeted ones. what a world misled by false prophets failing to grow and remaining stuck in a past that everyone’s killing for.that is not the promised land even if it were you are not God’s people. you are rich and recognized and god keeps his people secret and protected and we don’t fuck our brothers.


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