When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

so i’ll continue to pray and pray and pray silently like it’s me and God’s secret language and mutual understanding that i can pray without speaking that there are no words for the tragedies and lost lives along the way and my fellow targeted individuals are suffering and there are no words for the evil bestowed on us and sometimes all we can do is cry and realize there is nothing they can do to hurt us that they are just technological trolls portraying nazi’s which is a dead movement and they can create it because they are not creators and they do not rule the world nor will they ever no matter how hard they try and they are starting with us and they messed with the wrong people and the have to understand they are wasting their lives because they are not creators and you can not revive things just because you are harrassing people and making in real in our individual lives and that’s why people deny there are targeting individuals because we’d like to think we already fought and won this but in reality targeted individuals were left in the dust by their generations and public figures and labeled mentally ill even ahead of time to secure their false sense of safety and we are here to remind them that it’s not over that our safety can’t be secure while this is happening to us and to leave us cold and deny what is happening to us is only giving the enemy more delusional power and ammunition just like you supply al queda and i guess some things just never change and i guess this country stands for nothing and that’s what the enemy is banking on and america the beautiful is falling right into the hands of the enemy and an evil agenda to hand all power and control over to the few evil humans left that somehow are breathing when it is our breaths they are taking and sucking us trying to live another day as if we are their lifeline and power source and in a sense it’s true we are close to God and they spy on us thinking they’ll get a glimpse too and we are used as oracles as they ask the questions and we answer except i feed them the same bullshit they fed me and it’s only after i know they are rats in cages that i reveal the truth that their demise is near and here and has been but my trust has left me blind to their consequences and sometimes trusting and mutual understandings are enough and just knowing that you have a friend forever is enough and that friend is loyal and true and never betraying you and never listening to the rumors and sees as i see and knows things that i know and never betrays himself as well and promises things he will never take back and one instance reminds me i am not god because i have broken promises and he knows and everything is still okay  that the enemy has intercepted my prayers holding me to the standards of God and that’s just not realistic because i do not control whether but i do talk to animals on occasion and i know i care more about the animals that those unworthy who became traitors to the world in return and sold out the truth for fame and riches but i am the richest person i know i am so rich i can go for infinity and never run out and you are filling that void with evil money and continue to do so to this day while sending your minions to get the info which is the only reason your even on my level is because you have to spy in order to manipulate your way into my space and gain momentum and speed and billions while gambling on targeted individuals lives hoping we kill each other or ourselves but i have learned is that you are master projectionists just projecting your fates onto us because deep down you are the murderers and suicidal and your deeds on earth prove that it’s all over the news and you are being exposed every second of the day and the funny thing and the humor behind it all is that you are the mentally ill ones because you think it’s work you think your power trip is going to work and you’ll rule the world as if we care about you or your cult behavior enough to say yes master. you’re sick.

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