When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

When i say my ancestors are victorious in every war imaginable , i mean it and it is not a challenge it’s not an oppurtunity for you to show me that you are better because life is not a competition and self defense will always win wars despite who the hero is in the end but people only remember the hero as they are the face of war and what makes it okay to do again while those who fought in self defense are villified all the while trying to protect their country but i would tell the president go ahead and be the villain as long you save targeted individuals for east germany psychological tactics that are so barbaric there are really people out their practicing being nazis and ruining america and some things are just outdated no matter how much a bigot you look like but God is immunity and he will never be outdated and hitler is not god nor ever was or ever will be nor any of your false idols and idealism you spread to the masses creating conflict between friends and making them enemies and turning us all against each other as they laugh at the fruition of their brainwashing especially in the media and each reporter has that snoody smirk that they actually matter and that their fake news is going to work just because it has in the past doesn’t mean it will in the future numerous people are finding alternative new routes and only watch the fake news to study it and expose it the masses erasing their years of brainwashing and that is a form of light work not fear mongering that i really believe we are really close to cracking this case and getting rid of our torturers and freeing slaves AGAIn even after it was abolished there is residue but how can i trust someone that supports oil instead of alternative methods how can i trust people that rape the land and think it’s okay and how can i trust people that are destroying the planet while condemning the innovators and people that could make it better and change is not impossible people are just stuck in their ways as if it matters and most aren’t recognized until years later after the fact and after everyone missed the true impact they could have on society before it’s too late and all the answers are readily available but people get murdered for creating free energy because of fat corporations that can’t seem to let go of control and benefit society instead of raping it and it’s people and they act like they can take their billions and trillions to hell with them which is sad and really we should feel sad and embarrassed for them and any act of trying to wake them up is futile but wouldn’t be if they were just charged with the crimes they commit in order to have that control in the first place while innocent people go to jail or are murdered in their place to create an illusion that there aren’t better ways out there and available naturally so it an act of God providing and we deny god every time we deny a better route in order to ensure our survival because no one is coming down to save us if we don’t save ourselves first and show that we want to live and save the planet and it’s not idealistic to admit the resources are there and the change isn’t hard that money is evil and a fact is a fact and so many people are filling that void with money and you can’t take it with you and you don’t mean anything to us just because youre rich and that this prestige that you hold in your mind is not what the general public thinks of you and we aren’t impressed by your keeping the poor poor and the rich rich because of simple luck but if you are entitled to your luck then i am entitled to my bad luck and i am entitled to do something that will change that but no they stop you, they still rob you blind and before you know it your life is meaningless and you are a slave and that’s why most people sell out because they found an escape that being true to yourself is blacklisted and if you are then you are blacklisted and targeted because you are different when in fact we are the definition of human and it’s potential while you became something else we’ve been right here waiting for you to come back. to meet us half way at least but you know you have to meet us all the way because youre the ones that went all the way down and we aren’t coming down to save you but we can remind you and we are the anchors of the world holding down the fort while you make messes like the spoiled brat children that you are never letting anyone play in your sandbox and hogging the ball losing for the whole team while we carry you never getting the recognition we deserve and always being overlooked due to a name or who you know or because losing is better? i don’t think so.

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