When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

during war i have punched holes into my wall something i said i would never do and it reminds me of my frustration towards the voices and how i have exhausted all my resources and still they lurk consuming my words for no purpose and representing me in a fashion i would never agree with exposing me to evil and relaying to the enemy the intercepted messages always proceded with an attack or attempted attack soon. soon their attitude will change to serving that guy again and round and round we go. that they feed the enemy information so my agenda of burying the truth is the most logical and all i can do is write about the past because it’s nothing new at least not to the enemy and all future truth will be buried to only be dug up after war is over and ended forever. that is my bribe to hold the truth as ransom until society ends war all over the world because it’s disgusting and there is no purpose for it just like there is no purpose for evil and if you justify it by attacking us those who fight for peace which sounds like a contradiction but self defense is very legal and in the judicial system we will be found innocent for fighting for our lives and our work essentially reclaiming our property and assests that have been stolen for thousands of years as a matter of fact it can go clear back to columbus and the fact they never learn from history that they follow the tyrannical misfortunate excuses for humans instead of those that they should and they learn from these psychopaths to only continue doing what we died to stop in the first place creating cycles of generations dying for the very thing already won a long time ago and trying to erase the good work of others such as abraham lincoln abolishing slavery. what doesn’t make me a slave? ILLEGAL. and roosevelt as if you can erase the fact he stood up for the country because some other country thought they could intercept our messages and attack just like they are still doing today causing me harm personally and swaying my country against me overall. and despite how controversial it is erasing hitler’s attempt at peace and replacing with it with the slaughter of jews that nazis killed and not understanding this is a silent holocaust in the present and if you research the holocaust you will see the same exact things happening and preceding this today. and we are the draft, the victims and the anne franks that are taking the shit spewed while everyone hones into the fake news and thinks they are safe we are here screaming no you’re not and they don’t want to hear it because it strikes fear and we are accused of being fear mongerers because they don’t want to believe the sad truth that innocent people are being targeted and murdered by the enemy and they don’t want to hear it at all because it may cause recurring memories of a time they’d like to forget or a time they’d like to think is over but it’s not trust me it’s not they have infiltrated every system as the punks they are to take down what is good in the world. but what they don’t know is that i infiltrated the punks to do even better than that and i have infiltrated as an actress in many worlds portraying myself in manners i’d like to forget blaming it on the alcohol in order to fight a war everyone is oblivious to until recently until al the targeted individuals began speaking up and exposing this cult behavior and misguidance from false idols essentially and no one can justify repeating a terrible part of history that millions died for for our freedom today and to think they are taking away my freedom personally is heart breaking and completly unappropriate and the fact no one gives a shit is even more unsettling and everyone’s too busy selling out and becoming gangstalkers and so on is just a degeneration of misguided fools who never want to grow up and face reality and face the world on their own without their imaginary friends telling them what to do and what to listen to. i have been in the war zones of the least expected places and been exposed and jumped and beat and trust me no one fucks with me i might just do something shocking that these people are phoney’s to the core and serve nothing more than dead people that cannot rule the world and their followers cannot either and to listen to them would be sabotage and any other outdated system still in place today that you know is just plain wrong. but to implement an agenda that would put the earth back by  thousands of years is suicide and if those infiltrators think they can change the world through acting as false gods and prophets and are essentially trolls of the world they can go to hell in a hand basket. one neatly prepared for them with love and care. fuck the punks and they should be treated like the punks that they are but for me to be treated like a punk it’s unheard of as i have been in every social demographic imaginable and i’m a part of none of them in the end. none. and i do not have a title. i have a name but i suppose that’s not good enough for you. and it means exactly what it should. but these trolls are followers of the voices and they think the voices serve them a purpose and they follow these voices to the tee thinking there’s an reward for bad behavior waiting for them at the end of the rainbow and when they are close to being caught they run and they are evil and are incapable of changing and will murder again. whatever form it may take and i would love nothing more than to have the tools and the people to back me up to get justice once and for all and that what i did was not in vain but for a larger purpose the bigger picture i so adore because i can see it and am a part of it not part of a small computer world. they can have the internet but we have the bigger picture and the internet is exactly where we will find you because you exposed yourselves long ago yet no one thinks it’s important that people plot  murder and rape on the internet that they should just let the boys play but i can tell you from the beginning they’ve been nothing but stupid boys posing as people that matter and worthy. the only thing they are worthy of is jail cells and free meals and health care and they should appreciate that. prove to me that my life is important and that targeted individuals can rely on the goodwill of the people and that it is the main event and how can one say that those held hostage by hitler aren’t important? we did it once and we can do it again. yet you think it’s about you instead of us you think it’s a game but no it’s real people terrorizing us and real people who think they are god and real people who want to control you down to your very thoughts contributing it human evil in general instead of their own personal learned behavior they brainwashed themselves with long ago never to return and serve the king of hell forever and somehow turn hell into their own personal paradise instead of working hard on becoming better people and contributing to society in a healthy manner while starting fights and gang like activity to anything different than them because they’ve been oh so left out and that’s for a good reason, punk is so over and so are they. theyve become little rats posing as music lovers yet when approached with a real music lover they are attacked and when faced with a real person instead of a poser the person is jumped and robbed and even thrown around by dirty scumbags that got exactly what they deserve and its not much different than wild fire but that is up to God. that all should be fair in war yet it is not. just remember that there is not excuse for murder not even war. that the vietnam soldiers were on to something don’t shoot to kill but only wish they could have learned that but now it’s too late and to cut someone’s life short because they are a leader is also an eye for an eye and hypocritical and it wasn’t too long ago america were displayed nationally as huge hypocrites and those punks sure showed their true colors by rioting because a man died. that is satanic behavior to celebrate a life sacrificed especially without the truth first and then being led like the hypocrites they are ignited in them to remind them to get drunk and detroy. and party because someone was murdered and that’s my generation.

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