When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

now exempt them of admittance and this looks like a girl raging war on herself and the world because she feels like it not because she was used for her intellectual property because she was labeled mentally ill and labeled an easy target and lacks justice of her attempted murder and ritual sacrifice abuse and since she didn’t put herself in the situation to be used for satan’s purposes everyone’s betrayed her instead of appreciating the act of not serving a false god. that i knew it was an opputunity all right an oppurtunity to oppose a false god trying to sway me into a direction of death instead of eternal life and to betray myself and sell out and my only option was to be miserable like you and i saw quite a different future that satan was unaware of and i knew he never saw anyone like me before and i knew he had met his match and maybe i’m the relentless one because this is revenge for when i was seven for his attempt at corrupted me then and the fact that he thought it worked meant he didn’t know me at all and i know his minions are giving him information making them my enemies too and no one is off the hook because as long as you spy on me you are doing satans work and since my enemy knew nothing about me and was so sure of himself meant he really did fall because of pride blinded by pride and false confidence in his abilities to deceive the very elect. that when he caught up with me again at 27 that he really thought his plan for me worked but to tell you the truth i never even thought of the fucker but it did remind me of when i was seven and 21 and how he is so easy to forget and if i can do it other people can too and he has no power over me despite his desperate attempt to evesdrop and dry to pry on my weaknesses where i make them my strengths and find that i am beautiful in my attempt to do the right thing in a time where everyone else is doing the wrong thing and how honestly when i glimpsed the future i saw victory i saw everyone doing their part and how a parallel universe of mine will never unfold but it just proves god opens better doors and there is never a reason to give up. that i may live that parallel universe spiritually of what could have been but you can’t control other people at all and that’s just proof of that. not that i tried but i’ve said it once and i’ll say it again you can’t control other people and that’s what he is trying to do is something that impossible so give up the lost cause already. that what i have witnessed was not people’s true colors at all but the result of a mass brainwash experiment and mind control program ingrained in society for probably thousands of years and passed down through generation to generation and it has no place in my life or heritage and if it doesn’t make sense then it doesn’t fit. reality has to make sense and if it doesn’t then somethings wrong because you can’t deny yourself or the life you’ve lived and the experiences and lessons and the outcomes. and in the end people must have justice not justification. concrete consequences for harming others just like i have faced real consequences of my subsequent moments of weakness turning justice into my own hands in a pseudo attempt to get justice i only hurt myself and i know it was mind control and consequences of being abused that their are real consequences on people no matter how strong they are it’s proof they hurt people and usually if you are a good person you turn it to hurting yourself because you could never hurt another no matter how it looks from the outside or to some primitive cop and archaic judicial system but it’s still better than most of the world. but that’s not enough. it’s just not enough because people acted like they forgot everything they ever learned and resorted to primitive behavior in order to hang onto to control of another person and even with force it’s illegal but yet they get away with it constantly murdering people grasping at that control and choosing fear over understanding of another human being as if they have been isolated from culture and not experienced enough to be in position of authority to begin with so it’s not that they forgot what they learned its that they never learned in the first place and are imcompentent and should be fired or at least have the ability to learn and not handed a gun that could kill people with a 3rd grade education on humanity. so my murderer’s not the only one on the loose some of them wear police uniforms and some of them falsify records and people believe those in authority and those records despite it being completely wrong and people form judgements from those due to ignorance and the inability to think for themselves and form their own conclusions instead they just take gossip as gospel and that’s degradation and heresay over truth causing the collapse of trust in society and the systems dwelling within and creating pointing fingers at innocent people while the pathological liars get off the hook easily swaying the minds of others because they need that control to not be exposed as incompetent while we would never try to sway minds because we do not desire control and false accusations just to be used a patsy for your criminal behavior. as if they can deny my whole life in one minute in one accusation in falsity of my record they can erase 30 years of success as if it never happened as if over night i turned into something i’m not which is irrational and irritating to say the least and ruins people’s lives but what if those people knew they couldn’t hide their deeds? and not from the NSA but from God. that they cannot even hide their murderous thoughts towards us from god or the fact that they listen to voices and want to be controlled to fulfil some fetish of perverts and pedophiles addicted to rape culture exposing it to society wanting to be accepted but in reality its better to catch rapists than let them roam the earth as coming out of the closet as if we are going to accept it or them or you are fooled completely if you don’t stop that shit. they congregate on websites and it’s just disgusting and they need help not encouragement and freedom. sometimes i see child molestors and people addicted to porn and they are antisocial and mentally deranged and incapable of love indefinitely. i think that is one of the main illnesses of society today.

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