When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

i will not be accused of being like them and if i am i will take it as an oppurnity to do the exact opposite and change in me what i see to resemble them and become a better person with or without them because that is what i do and i have been doing it for years and years and finally all my hard work pays off and i get ritual sacrificed and abused by complete strangers who do not know me in the least bit no matter what they say that how in the hell did the rich and famous become stalkers themselves. ironic. i know my good deeds and i know my good intentions and i know when to admit that i was wrong that i saw huge potential and positive outcomes that have only been recognized to be sabotoged and used against people instead of for people and to think that i do not think for myself and that you can steal my words and speak for me will slice your throat as i watch it bleed but yet i was so easy on you and so kind that you’d think it would change your mind but resentment grows and as a mad woman i respect my property my intellectual property that was revolutionary in a manner that could make people better and in touch with reality and i had what the world and the people really needed and it was abused and used for the purposes of spoiled brats? i’m a ghost alright a holy ghost and you’ve met your creator in a sense and this creator is getting her stuff back erasing herself from your memory and if you dare think of me i will know it and work until you forget or you expose yourselves anyway take your pick. may sound vindintive but how else am i to turn back time and make sure you do not benefit from my hard work? my mind is not your game and you ruined beauty and love and truth the very things you try to encourage and portray exposing yourselves as phoney’s. which is exactly the truth and pure dumbasses at the core of your being. you are not artists.

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