When Curiosity Doesn't Kill You……YOU LEARN. More Than Just a Breathe of Fresh Air

so it seems they are only here to rattle my faith in God to shake me to the core to see where I stand and if they can win their only tactics are to hurt me because i believe in God and sometimes it works only because i have to ask why after all God gave me is it not enough to rid myself of these enemies and the voices are the definite enemy no matter what because i will never forget being attacked by them and i can not forgive them or set them straight or change them or expose them to the truth. the closer i get to overcoming them and the world the more they try to suck up so to speak and play nice and change their tone to a more acceptable form of torture as if they abuse me and hit me then want to hold me and make it better and it is psychopaththic in nature and they are my gauge and my thermometer giving themselves away with every word and every action and even when they are not there i know that they are. but they lack the self control to remain silent and make ammends for what they have done to me and my body and how they will be relentless not to be caught and i am their enemy exposing them at the same time and they want to prevent that through all means necessary but they have no power through manipulation and the president hasn’t blown me up yet and the president might do something about it if he’s not lying. but as their enemy i will expose because that makes step closer to getting rid of them forever. i am exhausted speaking about it and they pull at my sympathy because they learned that which means they are experimenting on me as if i am their property while raping my soul as i try to hang on to my integrity with all my might never sacrificing myself or my integrity to better suit them or myself and never bending to their will and not denying that i am a good person that consists of normal emotional capacity and the ability to understand them completely to the point that i know they abuse my every emotion and have mapped out everything about me yet they fail to realize they can’t get away with using me as a guinie pig in the boring lives of self destruction and passing it on to others like a disease and biological warfare that could get them killed for even trying and using me as God as a thermometer for their forgiveness and if they taste sympathy they think they are getting away with it but you can’t say please to me i am not an easy target and i know they know better but continue to do it which after one knows the truth and continues to do it after several warnings that they must be punished for it and face the consequences of lying to themselves and everyone else brainwashing the masses into thinking they can use me as their god and use my gifts as their own and claim that somehow i must have worshipped something to get them instead of being a natural and having meaning behind my life creates their jealousy and desire to destroy me because i am a genius and theyre are tyrannical geniuses and evil truly exists and they are only products of a sick society they think is the future so they blend in pretty well and no one would suspect who terroized me because in the public they are painted as beautiful and good and stars and in reality they are evil slave drivers enslaving humans to bleed them dry of their talents and goodness to resemeble in a piss poor attempt to portray us as mentally ill and make billions off mentally ill people essentially while our lives and minds are stolen in reality and i hope they get what they deserve and i know they will and are getting exactly what they deserve. so as they try to make me lose my faith in god it only grows stronger and stronger each day i was born strong but my faith only grows stronger and stronger which means their tactics are backfiring on them drawing me closer and closer to God and becoming an angel of light with a mission that can’t be lost and a purpose that can’t be fully exposed yet or they could counter act and sabotage me as they have done so many times before changing the rules of life into their own desires to destroy a person so they don’t get caught making billions off us and they aren’t the only ones taking from my pockets and i’m not the only person going through this and i was literally tossed into a system so people could make billions and then they try to hide the truth from me as if i didn’t know as they were doing it as if i didn’t know in the moment of the intentions as if i am stupid and ignorant just like them and rely on a false hope to save me when only i can save me and after i saved myself god saved me and i don’t think they could ever understand or have that gift because of time and how it’s too late and i bet they are doing it to someone else as we speak and keep doing it and doing it and doing it never stopping until they spontaneously combust or go mad from a guilty conscience and after they run out of excuses for their behavior an escape of their consequences they will have to live with themselves and what they have done which is the hardest part of it all and they keep accumulating their guilt into huge mountains that god will only push them off the mountain and make them start over and over again because they will never learn to make it right and compensate us and that’s all it takes sometimes is to just do the right thing despite being caught and just doing it but we all know that will never happen because their fear is stronger than their love and their fear of facing the consequences despite getting off the hook isn’t going to cut it because they already destroyed people’s lives and exposed them to evil and their ways and now they must be euthanized because as they exposed themselves to me they exposed everyone in the process being the narks of your organization and therefore are the downfall of it too because you can finally wake up to the fact that you want what everyone else wants and that’s the truth except you’ve been led astray and became pagans and it’s too late for you and that’s the truth. tribulation is over and has been and after you exposed yourselves and the fact you will never compensate means i have to take justice into my own hands once again and the longer i go without is the longer you will be punished and you will be so ignorant to your evil deeds and you will think evil is normal because you can’t break free from your sick society long enough to compensate that god will take up for me. that you must stop targeting people because in reality you are the targets you are the ones everyone has been looking for as to why society is sick and why we have to heal it and fix it and we are tired of healing and fixing it and cleaning up your messes and trash that you just throw on the ground thinking someone will pick up after you like a senior citizen with a broom and because you mooch off people and the government and other people’s money you have no respect for those that work hard for what they have and i myself have lost everything due to this entitlement and how they destroyed the middle class and we live paycheck to paycheck while starving even thought we are cleaning up your fucking messes and i am done and have been for quite some time and i ask that my fellow lightworkers do the same the only way they can learn is the hard way and make them clean up their messes they are not special and they cannot pay us to cooperate like gangstalkers you cannot bribe us you cannot brainwash us or mind control us or turn us into sex trafficking victims or become fake in the process or pretend you are our friends or that we are flattered by your appearance in our lives or that we believe in love from observance that you are anywhere close to being intelligent or as experienced or even in my league. i have a reputation to keep and that’s not hanging around coke addicted sex addicts who profit from the mentally ill and disabled.

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